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Initiatives and actions

The viral CSR approach allows for cross-disciplinary actions, and the school's most recent key actions relate to student well-being, the diversity of their origins and their differences, their sustainable mobility and of course their education.

handikap: an inititive which applies the values of equal opportunities upheld by kedge business school

Ensuring these students have access to education is a priority for KEDGE Business School which has made a commitment with the Conférence des Grandes Écoles and has signed the "Disability" charter.

The School formalised this commitment with an inclusive diversity policy by setting up a network of contacts and resource persons to facilitate its students' integration, educational supervision and employability.

Further details on this support and supervision initiative offered by KEDGE BS, as well as all useful contacts and information are available in the HandiKAP Guide

In Marseilles and Bordeaux, two student associations also work to raise the awareness of students and future managers and support students with disabilities who need assistance:

Hand in Hand - Marseilles campus, carries out two lines of action: awareness raising and tutoring.

Organisation of "dine in the dark" events, Handivalides disability awareness-raising days, production of a report on disability in the world of work: the companies that recruit, training, support for KEDGE BS' disabled students in managing their daily lives and organisation of their work.

Disa’ball - Bordeaux campus, organises two major events which provide an opportunity to take part in a fun sports activity:

A free wheelchair basketball match which gathers together players with physical disabilities from France's national team and the KEDGE BS Bordeaux basketball team "Les Fistons".

The other sports event brings together able-bodied runners and people with physical disabilities, the participants run alone or in pairs.

Your contacts:

• Marseilles campus adviser: Nelida Jimenez

• Bordeaux campus adviser: Vanessa Doiret

• Toulon campus adviser: Stéphanie Portas

• Paris campus adviser: Colette Vergnes

The sulitest is an international test initiated by kedge bs used to measure higher education students' knowledge of sustainable development

A test initiated by KEDGE BS and deployed worldwide.

Available in eight languages, Sulitest has already been taken by 27,000 students; it is used in over 300 higher education institutions in 39 countries across the five continents. This KEDGE Business School initiative, renowned as an innovation in higher education, is supported by the United Nations Department for Economic and Social Affairs, UNESCO and the United Nations Environment Programme.

Why is it important? Higher education graduates make decisions that impact their environment. In order to ensure they are adequately equipped to incorporate these elements into their future job, the Sustainability Literacy Test has given them access to a certification from the end of 2015. Today, the Sulitest is used by higher education institutions to evaluate their students' knowledge as a means to help them achieve the best possible progress.

What is the Sustainability Literacy Test? The Sustainability Literacy Test is a 50-question multiple-choice questionnaire used to assess students' knowledge of sustainable development, and individual and collective responsibility. The test is designed to be used at all levels and for all study types. The Sulitest is a free online test for all students registered at a higher education institution. In order to make it relevant worldwide, 2/3 of the questions are common to everyone and 1/3 of the questions are adapted to the local context.


The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development held in Rio in June 2012, also known as the Earth Summit, has led higher education to be a greater contributor to voluntary commitments. The Higher Education Sustainability Initiative (HESI), run by KEDGE BS, has become a catalyst for many other international projects like the Sulitest.

How do you take this test? To take the test, you need to create an account using your exam code sent by your School. To take the test or for any further information click HERE

Contact: Guillaume Binder or

Carbon Footprint Certification in partnership with the ademe and the institut de formation carbone

KEDGE BS has been providing Carbon Footprint certification since signing a partnership with ADEME and the Institut de Formation Carbone in 2014.

KEDGE BS offer students a Bilan Carbone® certification. On obtaining the certificate, students are able to transfer their Bilan Carbone® licence to their business and have the necessary scientific skills to recommend and implement sustainable decisions.

On a course led by Anicia Jaegler, Professor of Supply Chain Management at KEDGE BS, students studied an entire supply chain corresponding to the scope of Bilan Carbone® and had to recommend actions for obtaining a more sustainable supply chain. For the environment pillar, they focused on CO2 emissions (single criterion) and also used the associated economic tools: dependency on fossil fuels and their price fluctuations, carbon tax.

The carbon footprint of a product, an individual, a company or a community, is a greenhouse gas emissions accounting tool which can be used to study the vulnerability of an economic activity and in particular, its dependence on fossil fuels.

An open source seminar pathway for all MSC students

The Open Source seminar teaches original, innovative and cross-disciplinary skills. It can lead to professional certifications or certifications on skills linked to KEDGE Business School expertise.

Two Open Source seminars are specifically offered to students in the field of CSR: Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Business as Unusual.

Sustainable Entrepreneurship: This Open Source seminar explores the concept of sustainable business where entrepreneurship aspires to balance the three pillars of sustainability, those of economic, social and environmental value. This course applies an innovative educational approach by cleverly blending academic, professional and experiential learning.

 Business as Unusual:

This seminar is aimed at rethinking the existing economic models. Economic, social, environmental and geopolitical crises require companies to find new sources of more sustainable wealth creation. It is therefore essential to develop long-term models of economic prosperity which are more harmonious for individuals and ecosystems.

KAP, Kedge Access Programme

What is KAP?

As part of its social responsibility policy, KEDGE BS strives to remove any form of barrier or disability (social, physical, economic, etc.) by improving everyone's access to skills development.

KAP's mission is to remove the financial and social obstacles that limit access to higher education studies, specifically at Grande Écoles.   

For graduates, existing and future students, the School is committed to providing individualised support tailored to the needs of the beneficiaries.

Three key steps to your success:

  • Information

The School develops a privileged relationship with high schools, preparatory schools and universities, to identify potential applicants and dispel any misconceptions by explaining that they can access this type of study.

The applicant is then supported in finalising their application.

  • Selection
    • KAP applicants must undergo the same selection stages as any other applicant. Likewise, they must complete an eligibility form, which can be validated prior to the competitive examination. This form can be accessed at
    • Eligibility criteria: the School's bank guarantee replaces the family guarantee if the family has excessive debt or a low-income.
  • During
  • Support
    • Personalised coaching during their education to ensure their optimal integration.
    • Mentoring by one of the School's alumni on a specific educational project (Passeport Avenir, Tutorat d’Excellence, etc.).
    • Buddying on the inter-student programmes.

- Assistance

  • Bank guarantee, grants (benefits, grants, international travel support, etc.).
  • Career Centre: supervision of students' personal and professional development.
  • Employment: student job proposals and employability support.
  • Wellness: advice for better management of personal difficulties.

- After

  • A buddy is assigned to support the young talent in their professional project.
  • Their network is developed through access to a community of over 50,000 alumni (research and job opportunities).
    • In turn, students are encouraged to help others in need.

KAP is for applicants or students of French nationality registering on KEDGE Business School formal higher education programmes (Programme Grande École, Bachelor, International BBA and MS and MSc programmes), with a high level of academic achievement, but who need financial support to integrate or pursue a KEDGE BS course.

Students supported by the KAP initiative will have access to additional services and resources, specifically the School's guarantee to obtain a student loan via our partner banks and the reimbursement of interest charges.

Even today, it is still difficult, and sometimes impossible, for a student to obtain a loan to finance their education within a Grande École when they have no guarantor, guarantee or are not creditworthy. This is why the School decided to act as guarantor for young students from less privileged backgrounds with an excellent academic record.

With cross-disciplinary management of the resources and services, the initiative will ensure the student's academic success, effectively prepare them for their future employment and ensure they have a good quality of life during their studies at the School.

Applications are categorised according to their quality and the merits of the applicant and their individually-assessed financial needs.

1. Merit criteria

"Minimum" merit criteria are defined which are required for the submission of an application to the KAP initiative. The applications are categorised according to their quality and will be crossed with the social and financial criteria. 

2. Social and financial criteria

Applications considered eligible on the basis of the defined merit criteria will then be categorised according to the extent of the "need" and the need for assistance given the student's situation.

KAP is available to students in addition to other KEDGE BS assistance and grants

With Simonu, Kedge BS students can become diplomats

Since 2006, the KEDGE Business School Marseilles campus has organised United Nations simulations with its students in partnership with the United Nations Regional Information Centre (UNRIC).

Each year, nearly 250 students from the whole of France attend this event on KEDGE BS premises in Marseilles and Bordeaux.

The simulations organised by the SimONU association are directly inspired by the international model which takes place each year at the UN headquarters: the National Model United Nations (NMUN) in which the SimONU association has participated for almost 10 years.

During the simulations, each delegation assumes the role of diplomats by representing a country and defining a strategy on an international problem. The Kedgers take to the stand, debate issues and negotiate with their counterparts.

The aim is to defend the interests of the represented country while building consensus to obtain a majority vote on a draft resolution, while respecting the UN protocol. It involves reflecting on their commitments and understanding everyone's responsibilities in the face of future challenges.

A human and professional experience

The simulations are an opportunity to reflect and take stock of our Franco-French approach, they require real investment and dedication. These conferences with the best international schools and universities help students to mature and gain humility.

These simulations also represent a professional springboard, helping students develop skills and qualities like team management, strategy, negotiation, defending their interests in English, and learning to overcome stress and fatigue.

Each year, the SimONU team represents KEDGE Business School winning awards during the different international simulations.

This year in New York, after five days of negotiations, from among 5,000 participants the SimONU team representing Botswana was presented an Outstanding Delegation Award, which is the highest award from the simulation and is only given to 10 of the 193 represented countries, they also earned four Outstanding Position Paper Awards, to reward the Kedgers' excellent preparation work.

The association also takes part in other international simulations:

  • Yes to UN: Organised by the ESCP London, this simulation gathers together students from Sciences Po Paris, ESSEC, EDHEC, NEOMA Business School and KEDGE Business School. 
  • NMUN DC: Organised in Washington, this simulation is a means of discovering the world of diplomacy and laying the best possible groundwork for the New York simulation.

Wellness: an initiative unique to Kedge BS

KEDGE Business School has created and implemented a prevention initiative for students on its three main French campuses: Bordeaux, Marseilles and Toulon.

A support centre staffed by volunteers and psychologists, is available to students who are feeling down, depressed, miserable or isolated. Students can make an appointment with the team as a result of any difficulty they may be encountering, whether a one-off minor problem or a more serious or chronic concern.

Health prevention and well-being promotion events are also organised during the academic year.

Within the Grande École context, the initiative's objective is two-fold: to prevent risks and to develop individual, academic and professional performance.

Wellness is primarily a life philosophy. The concept means "the intimate feeling of well-being", and thus represents a global state of health.

It is the big things in life, but also the everyday little things that often make life worthwhile and stop it from being dull... Wellness is the importance of feeling good in your own skin and the idea that happiness is an individual concept, specific to each person.

It is from this notion of well-being that the School chose to call its student support initiative: Wellness.

Download the Wellness Guide:

Who can I talk to?

At KEDGE BS 15 volunteers are available to listen to students and be as helpful as possible. Students can also e-mail the Wellness Team to arrange an appointment with the psychologists who see students at the School.

So, if you find yourself feeling particularly out of sorts one day, are facing difficulties or are very despondent, you can contact the Wellness Team for support.

They will listen to you in complete confidentiality and help you as best they can.

Sustainable mobility to reduce the carbon footprint

90% of the School's CO2 emissions are produced from transport: action, reaction!

Reducing KEDGE Business School's carbon footprint is a major challenge at the Marseilles campus. Its 

location within the Calanques National Park means the campus protects its environment through the implementation of sustainable mobility.

Ready to SHARE a Bike? 10 electrically-assisted bicycles are available for KEDGE BS students and staff to use free of charge on the Marseilles campus.

The Sustainable Campus student association promotes and initiates the use of electric bikes. Those wishing to use them simply need to register with the association and use the online booking software to book their bike. They can even be borrowed over the weekend.

These bicycles are fitted with an auxiliary electric motor and a rechargeable battery. Unlike mopeds and electric scooters, the battery of electrically-assisted bicycles only sends its energy to the

engine to amplify the pedlar's movement. It therefore provides discrete and limited assistance without undermining the bike's primary function or affecting its handling. The electric assistance is not provided above 25 km/h.

KEDGE BS was the pilot site for the launch of the TWIZY vehicles proposed by Totem, giving students the opportunity to practise sustainable development in their travels at the Marseilles campus.

Totem hires out electric cars to one or two people for the academic year.  

The advantages:

Batteries and insurance included plus free home and roadside breakdown cover. No contribution, no administrative fees.

No unpleasant surprises for your car budget and no having to resell your car in June.

Free energy from the KEDGE BS and Marseille Provence Métropole charging terminals. Free parking on the Luminy campus and in town whilst charging.
Twizzy's success at KEDGE BS has allowed Totem to deploy its vehicles at other Marseilles sites.

For more information:

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