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Finance reconsidered

Impact of Finance Research

A message from new center director Dr. Christophe Faugère:

The SEEFAR (Shift for Ecology, Economics, Finance and Accounting Research) center is a restart of the Finance Reconsidered center that was managed under the audacious leadership of Bernard Paranque over the past decade. The brand Finance Reconsidered is an important distinctive mark for Kedge Business School, and will be preserved in this new incarnation of the center. In adopting the word “reconsidered” in its name, the center positioned itself as a critical reaction to mainstream economics and finance. This choice was appropriate in light of the failure of the leading theories during the most intense financial crisis the world has known, and which occurred in 2008. Now, it has been 10 years since that last great crisis, and the time has come to shift gear and work to build the next generation of theories, empirical models and tools in our fields. Therefore, while a critical perspective remains an important part of the research agenda, the center must become a force of proposition for new solutions and empirical insights, in all arenas: academic, political, managerial, economic and environmental. Our members, while coming from different fields, belief systems and approaches, have two things in common: 1) they are truly committed to see this change happening and 2) they share a high level of enthusiasm about it. In a sense, the center and its members will work on the fringe of a paradigm shift that puts front and center the idea that we all live in an interconnected environment. All economic, financial, accounting and managerial decisions must focus on raising the wellbeing of humans, respect ecological balance, and hence be sustainable.

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Impact on pedagogy

Degree programmes

Impact on networks

Conferences and events

  • 2015: 12th & 13rd Infiniti Conference on International Finance. Special sessions were organized by member of the research center on finance reconsidered;
  • 2015: Research seminar by Dr C. Karyotis and S. Alijani (NEOMA) on Financialization, Agricultural Markets, and Common-Pool Resources: A Multilevel Analysis and by Dr. A. Rambaud and J. Richard (Université Paris-Dauphine) on Sustainable Finance: Towards a New Conception: The ‘Triple Depreciation Line’ instead of the ‘Triple Bottom Line’: Towards a Genuine Integrated Reporting”.
  • 2015: Research seminar on « Post Crisis Finance Research Network » with Dr J. Cloke (Loughborough University), Dr. Luis Reyes (CEPN, University Paris 13), Dr. Franck Jovanovic (University of Leicester), Dr C. Schinckus (University of Leicester), and Dr Pauline Gleadle (University of Westminster, UK).
  • 2016: Research seminar on microfinance by Dr Jordan Melmies (University of Lille) and Dr Tchakouté (Kedge BS).
  • 2017: Student organization co-sponsored mini conference at Kedge Marseille in the Fall on “Debunking Economics and Reconsidering Finance”, with two keynote speakers Dr. Steve Keen of School of Social and Behavioural Sciences, Kingston University London, and Dr. Christian Walter  holder of the Ethics and Finance Chair at the Collège d'Etudes mondiales de la Fondation Maison des Sciences de l'Homme.
  • 2018: Joint workshop with RIODD at the FNEGE’s Semaine du Management, Mai 25th, 2018 at Cité Internationale.

Case studies

  1. Iliad: On the difficulty of evaluating the cost of capital
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