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Impact of Health Management research

The Health Management research center focuses on health industries (pharmaceutical companies, biotechs, medical equipment and disposals), organisations delivering care and involved in prevention and education to health, as well as public regulatory agencies.

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Impact on pedagogy

The members of the research center are sharing their knowledge through teaching in two nationally known executive education programmes on health and social organisations management and governance, in 8 electives and Health specialized Parcours in the PGE program and will deliver a Specialized Master in Health and Innovation (MS MSIS, opening September, 2017). Members of the center are following many students group projects for in-companies missions (for high dynamic pharmaceutical, biotechs companies and homecare providers), in an executive Master for top-managers of healthcare organizations (La Martinique, France), Executive program for highly dynamic SME, BpiFrance.

Degree programmes

Tailored programmes for our partner companies

Executive Intra-training (for companies such as The French Red Cross) are also delivered.

Impact on networks

Conferences and events

The Center organizes, since 2008, an annual francophone international colloquium, where more than 40 communications have been presented on the following topics:

  • Services and coordination for elderly people (2008),
  • Innovation and public policies (2009),
  • Grouping and mutualisation in the social and health sector (2010),
  • Organisational performance and well-being users (2011),
  • Strategic choices in highly institutionalized health field (2013) and governance (2015).
  • The next colloquium will take place in May, 2017 and will be dedicated to innovation issues in the health ecosystem. 
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