The Governance

Four governing bodies have been set up to oversee the Group's strategic directions and ensure responsibilities are equally distributed between the two founding schools.

The Governing Bodies

KEDGE BS is a non-profit association created in July 2013 by the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Marseille-Provence and Bordeaux.

  • The general committee (10 members): its role

It controls the Association's general management in applying policy and decisions, as well as the decisions adopted by the Board of Directors and the General Assembly. It helps the Board of Directors define the general policy.

  • The Board of Directors (16 members): its role

It defines and puts forward the association's general policy. It oversees its application and implementation. It establishes the association's provisional budget and monitors its execution.

  • The General Assembly (31 members): its role

It approves the end-of-year financial statements, allocates the profit, gives the discharge for their management to the administrators, and approves the association's general policy.

  • Four special committees: Audit Committee, Appointment and Ethics Committee, Remuneration Committee, Investments and Purchasing Committee.
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