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Reports and publications - KEDGE
As a major player in the field of sustainable development and CSR, KEDGE implements coherent actions in areas such as research, education, governance and social or environmental management. This commitment leads to the production of reporting documents also comprising a useful tool kit for responsible managers.

Download files

Guide des achats responsables (PDF - 960.2 kB) Le guide HandiKAP (PDF - 2.7 MB) Guide Wellness 2019 - FR (PDF - 1.1 MB) Rapport Développement Durable 2016-2017 (PDF - 2.9 MB) Rapport Développement Durable 2015-2016 (PDF - 11.7 MB) Guide du management responsable (PDF - 2.9 MB) guide du manager responsable (PDF - 4.6 MB) guide des vraies fausses bonnes raisons (PDF - 3.8 MB)
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