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Global Executive MBA information session at STATION F

Paris Event completed

Nino Sapina, CEO of Realcast and Kedge Global Executive MBA participant, is pleased to invite us at STATION F for a special informational event especially designed for Executive candidates


Your career is already crowned with success, but you know that your future depends upon your capacity to constantly progress. You desire to stimulate your intelligence, to discover new ways of thinking and to confront "best practices" among other successful individuals. You want to undertake an Executive MBA !

Now, you need to build a solid argument for choosing the right MBA programme for you... get admitted, identifying the reasons for doing the programme and rallying your company and those around you... seek out financing options...


Based upon our extensive experience with Executive MBA's, the Kedge Global MBA team have created this event to help you:

  • Grow your decision to do an MBA by exploring in-depth all the questions that will permit you to validate or invalidate your project
  • Identify your factors for success: personal and professional objectives, timing, financing...
  • Develop a personal strategy for implementing your project
  • Discover all the key aspects of the Executive MBA

In this informational event, we are also pleased to offer you:

  • a guided tour of Station F
  • a breakfadt at Felicità Food court

The KEDGE Global Executive MBA team will be accompanied by Nino Sapina who can respond to your questions. He is currently completing the Kedge Global Executive MBA.

Discover Nino Sapina’s experience, motivations and project via Campus Channel Executive.


How to come

Event address

Station F - 5 Parvis Alan Turing - 75013 Paris

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