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Campus Bordeaux


25, 26, 27 juin

Format :


  • Apprehend branding in a different light by examining it from the standpoint of the consumers’ life world, the web of communal relationships in which they are suspended.
  • Understand how this impacts directly the management of brands and helps to critically rethink the branding approach. 
  • Discover an alternative or enriched model is proposed that allows a more responsible view on branding. Stressing such a critical focus, the module makes extensive use of research-oriented pedagogy



Experienced Managers and Executives.


  • Bac + 3 minimum
  • At least 5 years of managerial experience
  • Toeic test > 750 pts


Course description

  • The sessions are organized in such a way as to support the ongoing development of the group project dedicated to the analysis of a branding strategy based on the co-creation of brand content with a community of enthusiast consumers. Each session starts with a presentation of the key concept by the professor followed by a discussion of examples and the application to the group project. Consuming in a brand society:
  • A cultural approach to branding.
  • Gathering into tribes and brand communities.
  • Tribal marketing and brand evangelizing.
  • Prosuming brands  content and brand surfeits.
  • Collaborative marketing and brand volunteering.

Methode and pedagogy

  • This module is a part of the Global MBA ‘Branding Strategies’ Specialisation Major.
  • The whole module is organized to allow participants to develop reflexive and critical thinking. It will alternate lectures, real life case studies, applications of major concepts to the participants’ professional background and group work.
  • Pre-readings 
  • Case studies 
  • Group and individual assignments


Evaluation and penalization

  • Introspection group (20%), Group work (40%), Final case study (40%)
  • Individual online questionnaire and oral group evaluation at the end of the course
  • completed by an individual online evaluation one month after the course

Autre information

Bernard COVA is Full-Time Professor of Marketing at Kedge Business School Marseilles since 2005. He acts as Visiting Professor at Università Bocconi, Milan since 2000. He teaches and publishes in French, English and Italian. A pioneer in the Consumer Tribes field since the early nineties, his internationally-influential research has emphasized what he calls “the Mediterranean approach” of B2C marketing.

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