3 days


Certificate of attendance




€ 2010

Format : Face-to-face training


  • Give insight into a naturalistic approach to sense-making in respect of creativity and innovation.   
  • Provide a basic insight into complex adaptive systems theory together with relevant aspects of cognitive science and anthropology.
  • Deliver new insights and methods for innovation in organizations as well as an understanding of how creativity works in people and systems


Experienced Managers and Executives.


  • Bac + 3 minimum.
  • At least 5 years of managerial experience.
  • Toeic test > 750 pts. 



  • Creativity in the 21st century and International trends in business settings
  • Overview of the scientific literature and business practices

2.Creative person and team

  • Cognitive abilities and personality traits
  • Motivation to create and emotional characteristics

3.Creative process

  • Stages or steps of creative work and cases studies 
  • Process-tracing tools and creativity techniques

4.Creative environment

  • Physical and Social facets of the environment
  • Organizational - business setting / Broader cultural context

5.Creative productions

  • Criteria employed / Expert vs. Naive judges
  • Evaluation of ideas – procedures / Judge training 

6.Putting it all together 

  • Multivariate approach and creativity training
  • Implications for human resource management, managing projects and larger business strategy

Methode and pedagogy

  • This module will not take a case based approach, it will give radical new insights drawing on scientific evidence.  
  • As such it may be demanding conceptually.  Best to approach with an open mind. Sessions will be a mixture of lecture, group discussion and some exercises.

Evaluation and penalization

Student Evaluation: 

  • Individual participation (25%), 
  • Group presentation (25%),
  • Individual Assignment in class (15%), 
  • Final report (35%).

Course Evaluation: individual online questionnaire and oral group evaluation at the end of the course, completed by an individual online evaluation one month after the course.


A multivariate approach to creativity will be proposed, which will serve as a guide to manage and enhance in the workplace.

Professor: Todd LUBART

TODD LUBART, PhD, is Professor of Differential Psychology at the University of Paris V; René Descartes- La Sorbonne. Todd Lubart's research focuses on creativity and individual differences.   He has authored and co-authored approximately 150 academic contributions on creativity and co-authored a psychological test of creative potential that is used internationally. Todd Lubart has held several major grants (national research agencies, foundations) to examine creativity, focusing on intellectual and personality aspects, the creative process, the creative environment and cross-cultural differences.

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