3 days


Certificate of attendance




€ 1950

Format : Face-to-face training


  • Give insight into a naturalistic approach to sense-making in respect of creativity and innovation.   
  • Provide a basic insight into complex adaptive systems theory together with relevant aspects of cognitive science and anthropology.
  • Deliver new insights and methods for innovation in organizations as well as an understanding of how creativity works in people and systems


Experienced Managers and Executives.


  • Bac + 3 minimum.
  • At least 5 years of managerial experience.
  • Toeic test > 750 pts. 



  • Creativity in the 21st century and International trends in business settings
  • Overview of the scientific literature and business practices

2.Creative person and team

  • Cognitive abilities and personality traits
  • Motivation to create and emotional characteristics

3.Creative process

  • Stages or steps of creative work and cases studies 
  • Process-tracing tools and creativity techniques

4.Creative environment

  • Physical and Social facets of the environment
  • Organizational - business setting / Broader cultural context

5.Creative productions

  • Criteria employed / Expert vs. Naive judges
  • Evaluation of ideas – procedures / Judge training 

6.Putting it all together 

  • Multivariate approach and creativity training
  • Implications for human resource management, managing projects and larger business strategy

Methode and pedagogy

  • This module will not take a case based approach, it will give radical new insights drawing on scientific evidence.  
  • As such it may be demanding conceptually.  Best to approach with an open mind. Sessions will be a mixture of lecture, group discussion and some exercises.

Evaluation and penalization

Student Evaluation: 

  • Individual participation (25%), 
  • Group presentation (25%),
  • Individual Assignment in class (15%), 
  • Final report (35%).

Course Evaluation: individual online questionnaire and oral group evaluation at the end of the course, completed by an individual online evaluation one month after the course.

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