Luxury and premium wine and spirits brands management

MBA Spécialisation Module


5 days


Certificate of attendance




€ 3250

Format :


  • Gain an overview of the wine and spirits business environment at the worldwide level.
  • Gain a good understanding of the impact of several factors on prices .
  • Identify and deal with the key challenges facing a medium size winery when selling its products in an evolving and international environment 


 Experienced Managers and Executives.


  • Bac + 3 minimum.
  • At least 5 years of managerial experience.
  • Toeic test > 750 pts. 


Key facts and figures of the wine and spirits industry

  • From a value chain view as well as from a regulation perspective. 
  • Additional business insights will be delivered during industry visits at the International Spirits Centre in Segonzac and field visits to classified growths chateaux. Bordeaux wines representing the 'art of blending', participants will be invited to make their own wine cuvée in a château.

Impacts of several factors on prices

  • Wine and spirits economics: a rational way of pricing wine and spirits products.
  • Expert opinions and the reputation phenomenon play an important role in that industry and another part of the session will detail the reliability of judges' evaluations.

The key challenges facing a medium size winery 

  • When selling its products in an evolving and international environment. 

Exploration of the wine and spirits industry as creative industry.

  • The strategies in place to use heritage and creation as tacit strategic resource to gain competitive advantage in an innovation-driven 'glocal' market.  

Methode and pedagogy

  • The module will place you in a situation of managing a winery using a business game simulation. You will have to decide what to produce, what quantities, and decide where to sell, at what price, under what conditions, and compete with other teams facing similar challenges. 
  • Hosted by Kedge Business School – Bordeaux Campus. Kedge has built a strong expertise in Wine and Spirits Management, delivering since 2001 a Wine and Spirits MBA, a specialized MBA, which was then transferred as a Major of the Global MBA

Evaluation and penalization

  • Student Evaluation: group case study presentation (70%), individual reflective report (30%).
  • Course Evaluation: individual online questionnaire and oral group evaluation at the end of the course, completed by an individual online evaluation one month after the course.
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