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Session November 2019

30 novembre, 1, 2 décembre 2017


22, 23, 24 november

Format :


  • Becoming better analysts of negotiation, yours and others’. 
  • Assessing your personal negotiation approaches including how to approach cross-cultural negotiations.
  • Improving relationships, with subordinates, peers, superiors, and all stakeholders.
  • Broadening your negotiation repertoire.
  • Crafting better deals and contracts.
  • Learning how to really learn from experience.


Executives who want to embark on a common reflection on how to act as more effective and responsible negotiators.


  • Bac + 3 minimum
  • At least 5 years of managerial experience 
  • Toeic test > 750 pts


Course contents 

  • This module provides concepts, observations and suggestions to improve analytical and operational negotiation skills; but it also addresses negotiation foundations on how to do first things first, i.e. how to make the right moves at the right time in order to reach the right decisions and to achieve ad hoc implementation:
  • Questioning oneself before implementing negotiation routines
  • Preparing negotiation before the meeting
  • Process facilitation before problem solving
  • Creating value before claiming value
  • Facilitating negotiation before fighting
  • Finalizing the deal before adjourning

Teaching approach 

  • This module consists of 6 class sessions. Class sessions will feature practical simulations (role plays), that participants will be asked to prepare before or during class, to role-play with their classmates, in pairs or in teams, and then to debrief with the entire group. Members of the class will also be exposed to case studies, exercises and video excerpts that they will be asked to review and analyze. Summary lectures will sum up the concepts and tools at the end of each session.
  • Participants should complete different assignments in advance of each class. It is highly recommended that they annotate personal copies of, or make notes from the readings. They must therefore come to class prepared to allow well-informed discussions. 
  • Participants will be assigned different roles in negotiation simulations. They are asked not to communicate before class with participants who are not on the same side. 

Methode and pedagogy

  • Pre-readings
  • Case studies
  • Group and individual assignments

Evaluation and penalization

Student Evaluation : 

  • Individual participation (20%)
  • Group preparation (40%)
  • Individual preparation brief (40%)

Course Evaluation: individual online questionnaire and oral group evaluation at the end of the course, completed by an individual online evaluation one month after the course.

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