KEDGE Global MBA - Part time MBA

A dedicated programme for EXECUTIVES with MORE THAN 5 YEARS of managerial experience

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Admission level


KEDGE Global MBA courses

Admission level:

Bachelor Degree + 5 years of managerial experience


Global Executive MBA

KEDGE Global MBA courses

A 100% English postgraduate programme, 526 hours of participative MBA courses and 120 ECTS, with 70% Face to Face / 30% on line, Immersive seminars, 2 international seminars in Europe, individual and collective executive coaching and conferences. The "low carbon" dimension of the programme is its backbone, underlying statement across the whole programme, meaning that KEDGE will estimate its carbon emission when delivering the programme and look for improving its carbon footprint over time.

Admission level :
Bachelor Degree + 5 years of managerial experience
Duration :
18 months
Degree :
Global Executive MBA
Campus :
Paris Marseille Bordeaux
Format :
Work Study
Language :

KEDGE Global MBA courses

Programme at a glance : 

  • Know, with 5 immersive weeks and 2 international Seminars 
  • Enrich, with Online Seminars (30% of the programme)
  • Do, with 1 Capstone Project 
  • Grow, with 1 Career Centre 
  • Experiment, with 8 F2F seminars
Strategic Competencies

Four pillars to materialize convictions into contributions :

Leading Digital and Sustainable Shift (108 hours):

Digital transformation is revolutionizing every organization. Whether in terms of economic model, jobs, corporate culture, or working structure. Today, businesses have no choice but embrace this change to remain competitive. At the same time, organizations face the imperative to tackle environmental sustainability and ensure they have a positive impact on people and the planet.

  • People, Planet & Profit
  • Project Management
  • Strategic Innovation for a better future
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Driving Business Digital Transformation
  • Key Tech Trends to Master

Managing Efficiency through Value Chain Transformation (168 Hours):

Companies are undergoing crucial shifts in their industry: 

New market players, new technologies and new business models are placing established organizations and suppliers under greater challenges than ever before. 

The market situation demands a fundamental rethink of organizations and processes to guarantee productivity. One of the key drivers is highly efficient, standardized, and digitalized business processes along the entire value chain.

  • Customer Centricity & Digital Marketing
  • Geopolitical impacts on international business decisions
  • International Seminar – Finance for C-level (GER / ITA)
  • Triple Capital Accounting
  • Designing Sustainable 
  • Supply Chains

Deciding in times of Resilience and Rising Geopolitical Risks (152 hours):

During these times of uncertainty, marked by protracted rising geopolitical tensions, senior leaders are sharpening their focus on resilience. 

What makes some companies so much more resilient than others? How can we build resilience into our organizations? How should we think about potential trade-offs between resilience and more immediately obvious benefits such as speed, efficiency, and cost?

  • Geopolitical and International Business Insights
  • Business & Climate Change: Towards Net 0 Impact
  • Business & Climate Change: Towards Net 0 Impact
  • Corporate Strategy for Good
  • Resilience thinking and transformative business leadership
  • Shaping Green Business Models

Managing as a Smart Leader (96 hours):

Some leaders find it difficult to switch from managing in a traditional way to one that trusts its workers to work anywhere.

Eg, when leaders cannot see the individual in person, they often may feel a lack of control over the work being completed on time. 

Trust becomes a bit of a challenge. It often takes a shift in mindset to unlock this potential. 

  • Leadership across cultures
  • Shaping change for impactful organizations
  • Speak Out!
  • Your Leadership Profile
  • Strategic analysis and Business Acumen
  • Boost your career  (coaching and workshops)


Career Progression

Development Programme

Collective and individual support to achieve your personal aims and reach your full leadership potential. While completing coursework and projects, the MBA courses prepares and coaches you towards the development of your leadership capacities, and help you to implement a personal and professional project throughout your EMBA.

Your Personal Coach: up to 15 hours of confidential coaching sessions and collective sessions with executive coaches provide permanent support and accompaniment. They help you to create the conditions to succeed in your part-time MBA and ensures that the programme serves the development of your career objectives.

Capstone Project

The Capstone Project (Strategic Business Project) is at the center of the KEDGE Global MBA programme and draws the overvall course material delivered throughout the EMBA, including all Core Courses, as well as the Leadership and Personal Development modules, Seminars, Workshops.


Career & Development center

KEDGE is dedicated to helping MBA students refine their life project, design their professional/MBA project and get the tools they need to reach their goals. It is part its mission to assist participants and alumni, offer a package that will support the programme cohort and meet the expectations of programme participants with respect to their career changes. 

Apart from KEDGE Alumni careers services such as career assessment sessions, the alumni platform, group coaching sessions, executive co-development workshops and an entrepreneurs’ corner, the Executive MBA programme has set a range of more targeted services dedicated to the specific expectations of its executives. Among those: 

  • Hours of individual and collective coaching, in parallel with seminars and projects. 
  • Monthly conferences and workshops on various topics (inspiring entrepreneurs, academics, career development sessions, tools sharing, etc.) 
  • Dedicated MBA company visits
  • A KEDGEmy JOB whatsapp group where participants and European Executive MBA alumni quickly exchange open positions between themselves 
  • Lifelong “Refresh your skills” sessions, for life. In every course organised each year, seats are reserved for Alumni wishing to attend. It allows Alumni to keep their business acumen up-to-date and network with current participants. This is also a testimonial to KEDGE’s commitment to lifelong learning. 
  • Integrating the MBA programme, participants are straight away considered ‘KEDGE alumni’, part of a community of over 70,000 members, that brings together communities of professionals and students.