MS® LITHE - Leading Innovation & Transformation for the Healthcare Industry

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Presentation of the MS® LITHE

KEDGE part-time Advanced Executive Master Programme Leading Innovation and Transformation for the Healthcare Industry (MS® LITHE) has been co-designed with industrial partners with a blended learning approach and is compatible with executive participants’ busy workloads, and their personal and social environments and commitments.

campus of Marseille


Director of the MS® LITHE Programme

Why this Advanced Executive Master Programme in Healthcare Management ?

The Healthcare Industry (Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Healthtech, Medical Device and Equipment companies) is transforming its entire value chain not only because of medical, economic and regulatory pressure, the influence of generic drugs and the internationalisation of markets, but also because of the change in therapeutic approaches.

The evolution of new value-based healthcare models requires this industry to focus on new drug marketing and commercialisation approaches and solutions promoted by MSL (Medical Science Liaison) experts. Moreover, the entire market is evolving with the rise of biotechs (a breeding ground for innovation for the Big Pharma companies), the development of Clinical Research Organisations (CRO) (with a leverage impact for the outsourcing of clinical trials) and contract manufacturing organisations, etc. The same is true for the emerging impacts of e-health, data-driven healthcare, artificial intelligence, the Blockchain, the empowered patient and also patient-centric care.

The Advanced Executive MS® LITHE programme has been co-designed with key partners companies. It will provide scientific experts and leaders with dual Science-Management skills which will enable them to become real change-makers in order to speed up the innovation process within organisations.

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