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Operations management and information system

The Kedge Business School Operations and Information Systems Management Academic Department groups together teaching staff from disciplines like purchasing function management, logistics chain management, quality management and information systems management.

These disciplines are all linked to supply chain management in its broadest sense. The teaching staff within this department therefore provide both theoretical and practical training aimed at giving students specific knowledge in purchasing, logistics, quality and information systems management as well as a global cross-disciplinary overview of supply chain management.

The department's educational project has five main focuses:

  • Interactive teaching, learning by doing and transmission of knowledge.
  • An international and forward-looking perspective of the concepts taught.
  • A balance between theory and practice.
  • A balance between class attendance and personal work outside the classroom.
  • A balance between individual work and group work.

The department's teaching staff mainly teach on the following programmes:

  • The Specialised Master in International Purchasing Management which is ranked the no. 1 purchasing training course according to professionals and the media.
  • The Specialised Master in Supply Chain Management, ISLI (Institut Supérieur de Logistique Industrielle), an outstanding programme created in 1984 by BEM, and the oldest Logistics and Supply Chain Management programme in Europe.
  • The Specialised Master in Quality Management, a benchmark in the field.
  • The Programme Grande Ecole ESC (Ecole Supérieure de Commerce).
  • The Kedge Bachelor post-high school programmes, EBP International.

The majority of the department's teaching staff carry out collaborative research participating in Kedge Business School's Supply Chain Management Research Cluster. Some are also involved in other clusters dedicated to the Wine and Spirits Market or Social and Environmental Responsibility. Kedge Business School is part of the ERCIS (European Research Center for Information Systems) network owing to the involvement of the Information Systems Management professors who contribute to its European and international outreach (

Department Director: Oihab Allal-Cherif

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