2019 KEDGE Global MBA Graduates survey results: Our participants feedback.

The KEDGE Global MBA Team is pleased to share with you the a 2019 KEDGE Global MBA Graduates survey results.

On June 15, 2019, KEDGE organized at Palais du Pharo in Marseille the annual Graduation Ceremony for more than thirty Global MBA participants. This ceremony is long awaited by all, participants as well as faculty members, and always a moment of joy and emotion. 

This is also time for participants’ first outcome with respect to their Global MBA journey. This review is always full of interesting feedbacks for KEDGE program heads and teams. The Survey results are praised for clarifying what the program brought them.

Let us leave the floor to our graduates and the key findings they shared.


Finding #1

97% would recommend KEDGE Global EMBA to someone wishing to achieve a MBA. The main arguments in favour of the KEDGE program is the Open-mindedness and respect that prevailed, the Change mind-set and the Personal Development dimension experienced by the participants. Also mentioned as key assets stand the diversity and panel of participants profiles, the ‘good value for price’, international seminars and global vision provided by Faculty members.

Finding #2

Equally mentioned are the following 3 main contributions from KEDGE Global MBA to participants:

  • Organisation of training and flexibility
  • Acquiring complex problem solving capacity facing uncertainty
  • Leadership and self-confidence development.

Finding #3

66% think their KEDGE diploma will influence their personal evolution within a year (56% have already been impacted).

Finding #4

70% of graduates consider that KEDGE EMBA enabled them to discover new personal & business prospects/ projects. We are quite satisfied with this trend as it corresponds to the opening spurred into the program.

Finding #5

Graduates feedbacks concerning personal development are very positive with:

  • 78% considering that KEDGE EMBA helped them develop their personal performance
  • 84% develop self-confidence
  • 75% develop Leadership skills

78% consider investment is worth it, while 16% did not know yet when answering.

Based on these trends and results, KEDGE teams keep on preparing next November intake with new projects …stay tuned!


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