Supply Chain (CESIT)

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Directed by Professor Frédéric Babonneau, the Centre of Excellence in Supply Chain aims at meeting the economic, environmental and societal challenges raised in the Supply Chain by co-developing, with companies, communities, institutional and academic partners, the concepts, methods and innovative tools necessary for the organisation and transformation of the supply chain. Our actions impact academic research, the corporate world, society and education. 

Research Axes

The centre's activities are focused around four ‘living labs’ that provide the framework for the 22 professors and twenty doctoral, post-doctoral researchers and research engineers connected to them around the following main research axes:

We are developing fundamental and applied research directly connected to companies and their practices. Furthermore, the centre actively contributes to higher education and executive education development in these fields. 

The Team 

The team is made up of 18 permanent professors, around twenty doctoral and post-doctoral researchers (on average), as well as one Supply Chain project manager. 

Permanent professors

Post-doctoral researchers:

  • Haythem Selmi
  • Ilia Tarassov

 Supply Chain project manager

  • Larissa Petrikova-Belgouzia 

Research Ingeneers

  • Florian Bertrand
  • Cécile Dupouy
  • Florian Lebeau
  • Lucie Lecourt

PhD Students

  • Lael Alvarez Verdejo
  • Bouchra Bacha
  • Mickael Gaury
  • Daniil Khachay
  • Johan Lévêque CIFRE
  • Ali Nazarinia 
  • Dung Nguyen
  • Mahyar Taheri
  • Alice Thebault