Global DBA

An International Doctorate in Business Administration for Executives

Admission level

From Master's degree + 5 years of professional work experience




Doctorate in Business AdministrationM.Sc. in Management Research


Part Time


January 2023



Presentation of the Global DBA

The KEDGE Global Doctorate in Business Administration (Global DBA) is an International Doctorate Program for Executives and Entrepreneurs delivered in Paris.

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Peter Von Staden

Program Director

The most distinctive international DBA programme available on the market today

Today's senior executives find themselves confronted with challenges they were never prepared for during their academic studies. An interconnected global economy with rapidly changing population dynamics and market forces, the emergence of developing nations as drivers of world markets, and growing concerns about sustainability in business practices and the management of finite resources of all types - these are just a few examples of the dynamic context in which modern business is conducted.

To be succesful in this environment requires business acumen, patience, vision, and the conviction and confidence to take precise courses of action at the right moment. In short, it requires experience and understanding og the dynamic of change.

The Global Doctorate in Business Administration is a programme conceived precisely for these individuals - those men and women who have proven themselves on the frontlines of the world of commerce, who have taken risks, experienced successes - and failures - and who now, after years of learning, maturing and reflecting on their careers, find themselves at a crossroads, asking themselves, "What's next?"

The Global DBA is an international executive programme par excellence. For executives prepared to crown the achievements of their careers with a doctorate in business administration, it is the opportunity to answer the question, "What's next?" with the same decisive confidence and conviction that they have shown over the course of their careers.

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Why choose this programme?

  • The Global DBA Program offers you a Part-Time doctoral programme of the highest caliber and the opportunity to critically reflect on your careers by developing theoretically-based, applied business and organizational research skills in a thoroughly international environment.  
  • It offers business executives the opportunity to combine doctoral studies with a full-time occupation.
  • Graduates will be able to confront management issues of the utmost relevance in the modern business context by applying newly acquired analytical research skills.

  • KEDGE Business School: No. 2 in published research by the French National Scientific research Committee and triple accredited by the three most prestigious international accreditations: EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA.

  • Bring your business knowledge to another level through cutting edge academic research and crown the achievements of your career with a doctorate in business administration.
  • Career transformation to strength your position in your current professional sector, to academia or to consultancy.

  • Question your important business and management issues though a totally new lens and solve your business problems with the help of senior academics
  • Produce yourself new knowledge through the conduct and defense of your doctoral dissertation

  • Successful completion of Phase 1 of the programme leads to the Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Management Research
  • Successful completion of Phase 2 of the programme leads to the Doctorate in Business Administration