Marketing & New Consumption


Research Centre for Marketing & New Consumption

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The research Centre for Marketing & New Consumption consists of research professors in marketing from KEDGE Business school. The objective being to coordinate intellectual publishing and activities in order to organise projects around the four pillars: academic research, relations with businesses, education and the media. Consequently,  the research Centre aims to organise seminars to share research results, structure answers for calls for projects, offer advise to businesses, develop programmes based on the professors research expertise and disseminate research results in the media.

The Research Centre for Marketing & New Consumption is organised into five areas of expertise.

Led by Frédéric Prévot, the Research Centre for Marketing & New Consumption consists of  a team of 37 professors and 5 PhD students, as well as a part-time coordinator to provide administrative support.

Axes of research

The New consumption & Marketing Research Centre organises its researches into five groups, each delving into a specific area:

  • Digital Marketing: digital marketing, social media marketing, influencer marketing, big data, IA, multi-channel distribution. This expertise is led by Kathleen Desveaud.
  • Experiential & Sensory Marketing: neuromarketing, sensory marketing, experiential marketing, consumer perceptions and emotions. This expertise is led by Olivia Petit.
  • Knowledge Communities & BtoB Marketing: industrial marketing, innovation marketing, communities of practice, project management, purchasing, business development. This expertise is led by Florence Crespin-Mazet and Karine Goglio.
  • Brand culture: brand strategies, consumer culture, collective consumption, role of brands in society, sponsorship, sports and events marketing. This expertise is led by Gregorio Fuschillo.
  • Markets & Society: cultural and social dimensions of markets and consumption, consumer behaviour, relational marketing, inter-cultural marketing, challenges of power, gender and social justice in marketing.This expertise is led by Simona D'Antone and Lisa Peñaloza.