Global MBA Graduation day in Marseille: THE outcome

The 2022 KEDGE Global MBA graduation day took place last July 9th at 'Palais du Pharo'. A very special day for KEDGE faculty and team and of course in the life of our Exec MBA students, the outcome of many efforts and sacrifices for some of them, and the transition from student to alumnus status.

By Bénédicte Germon

There have been vibrant testimonies from KEDGE alumni about the programme's inputs and contributions in terms of Business education, personal evolution and network extension. Several key ideas emerge from the testimonies received directly or through the social networks. 

The pride and emotion from this achievement and from the ceremony

As wrote Christel Navarro (PhD; MBA Alumni 2022) “The executive MBA Ceremony in Palais du Pharo was a wonderful time to celebrate our graduation. Thanks to friends, colleagues and KEDGE Organisation, we shared great memories and emotions.”
Diane Irina (MBA Alumni 2022) added  “This was one of those days... the one you remember for life: joyful, meaningful, with a sense of accomplishment.”

How the Exec MBA changed them

Said Neil Astles (Alumni 2022) “The MBA has changed me”. 
Diane Irina (MBA Alumni 2022) completed "All that wander are not lost", this program has brought clarity and structure in my blurred thoughts. It challenged me to grow and elevate myself. "Thoughts determine what you want, actions determine what you get": Those were an incredible two-year journey of hard work and personal investment.”

The contribution from KEDGE environment

Be they MBA colleagues, programme management or faculty members, coaches.
Neil Astles said : “It was all possible with the love, the support, the guidance of my family, my friends, MBA participants, teachers, the MBA team and coaches.” 

Benoit Canolle (PhD, MBA Alumni 2022) added «MBA Graduation Ceremony in Le Palais du Pharo, Marseille. Celebration of an amazing journey. Thanks to all kedge staff and friends”.

Diane Irina (MBA Alumni 2022) “My deepest gratitude goes to my family, friends, workmates, and all the other amazing people I have been given the chance to meet all along the way: teachers, Kedge Team, classmates. Thank you so much for your love and support. Special thanks to Hervé Remaud, Director of the MBA Global Executive program at KEDGE Business School - KEDGE Executive Education to Frédérique Tofani for her precious ears and coaching, to Véronique Schneider for her patience, to Christophe Garonne, Sensei and tutor on Entrepreneurship Capstone…”

The Alumnus status is a special and serious one: the continuation of the link with the School and its members. As says Christel Navarro “I am now starting the Kedge Alumni journey with excitement and I look forward my new adventure!”. 

Stay tuned!