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Humanities & sustainable development

Humanities & sustainable development

Building a sustainable and responsible world is our raison d'être at KEDGE. We support companies and their future managers in pushing through the necessary changes.

Our vocation: to empower current and future leaders to adopt ethical, innovative and inclusive approaches.

The SDO Faculty group, in line with KEDGE's mission and in close collaboration with the CSR Department, has taken on board a mission to contribute to the school's CSR strategy and to participate in the development of an CSR action plan. It also aims at coordinating the "Education and Training" approach and at building a movement within the faculty in order to make students aware of environmental and societal contexts so that they become players in the transition process.

The impact of CSR and SDOs on education

Thus, all KEDGE programmes (KEDGE Bachelor, Programme Grande Ecole, etc.), IBBA international programme, include content related to  sustainable development issues, CSR and SDOs through fundamental courses such as sustainable development, marketing, finance or complexity but also through a large number of specific modules taught across all disciplines.

There are also dedicated programmes such as the Msc specialising in sustainable finance. This master's degree in responsible finance trains professionals who are fully conversant with financial tools and who have adopted a societal, social and ecological vision.

In more general terms, the SDO Faculty group has set itself an ambitious objective: by 2025, it intends to disseminate, SDOs in all courses in order to enable students to better perceive the societal, social and ecological impacts linked to each discipline, but above all to be in a position to become agents of change in their future careers.

However, the SDO commitment extends well beyond the courses; the student experience is promoted through Pro-acts (student projects). These may be individual - more than 200 Pro-acts are directly linked to SDOs, or sponsored by student associations. All of the associations have taken on board at least one SDO and 20% of the associations are directly linked to several SDOs.

Together with the CSR department, the SDO Faculty group seeks to constantly enrich the student experience. In the long run, this should enable them to make their careers and personal lives more meaningful as they commit themselves to a more ethical world.

The impact of sustainable development, CSR and SDOs on business

Given the immense challenges of the 21st century: global warming, a massive drop in biodiversity, pollution, depletion of natural resources, pandemics, increasing inequalities, famines, etc., it is important to get the business world involved.  The interdependence of these elements and the complexity of implementing solutions means that we wil be required to accompany firms and jointly co-develop solutions with them.

Thus, as a responsible and engaged community, we see our mission as empowering business leaders to adopt ethical, innovative and inclusive approaches. Our desire is therefore to accompany change in companies, but also to draw inspiration from the best practices that some of them have developed so that we can disseminate their models. The opportunities for dialogue with professionals and workshops offered to students are a great catalyst for creativity and dissemination.

Finally, companies will increasingly need employees who can meet the challenges that will inevitably arise in the years to come. Providing them with young managers who can take on the transition is obviously part of our vocation.

The impact of CSR and SDOs on the ecosystem

Here, the purpose is to make our community a contributor for the common good. We aim to co-create new solutions with our ecosystems to solve global challenges and to move towards a fairer and more resilient world.

KEDGE is a community in which alumni, students, staff and professors share values and solidarity and interact strongly with companies, organizations and territories. The KEDGE community as a whole has a positive impact on society by conducting its activities in an ethical, responsible and sustainable manner.

The lecturers are also involved in the communication of best practices by proposing alternative economic, managerial and business models. They participate widely in the dissemination of these in the academic community, but also in the media and with government authorities.

In just a few years, the development of CSR at KEDGE has notably enabled the School to participate in national and international projects that are progressively contributing to the global adoption of Sustainable Development in the higher education sector. KEDGE does not simply wish to be an example in Sustainable Development, but also wishes to drive changes in the ecosystem to make it more resilient. Our students will also be recognized as vectors of change and active contributors to the society of tomorrow.

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