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KEDGE Global Executive MBA is pleased to offer you a conference about cybersecurity awareness given by Massimiliano FARA.

Tech talk - Partie 2 : "Cybersecurity applied to daily business of Executives and Managers"

The conference will be held in an hybrid mode (Marseille La Joliette campus and online via Teams).

It will be followed by a drink and a time of exchange with the speaker.


This conference, " Cybersecurity applied to daily business of Executives and Managers" highlights the critical role of cybersecurity in today's business landscape.
Beginning with an exploration of the strategic imperative of cybersecurity, it shortly covers key elements such as the business impact of cybersecurity, the evolving threat landscape and the best practices.
The session will emphasize the significance of protecting against cyber threats, safeguarding customer trust and ensuring legal compliance. Practical insights into common cyber threats, alongside sophisticated modern attacks, set the stage for a discussion on cybersecurity measures, including strong password policies, multi-factor authentication and network security.
Addressing the human element, the presentation will also point to the importance of employees training and awareness programs. It outlines the importance of implementing a comprehensive incident response plan, essential for minimizing downtime and financial impacts during cybersecurity incidents. The role of advanced technologies, including antivirus software and threat intelligence tools will be explored.
Leveraging cybersecurity for a competitive advantage takes center stage, focusing on building trust with customers and partners. We ‘ll go through exploring compliance with regulations like GDPR and PCI DSS and legal and reputational consequences of non-compliance, with real-world case studies to provide practical lessons and takeaways.
In conclusion, the presentation summarizes key points and encourages businesses to prioritize cybersecurity daily, with actionable insights to fortify their cybersecurity defenses in today's dynamic digital landscape.

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Mr. Massimiliano FARA is an experienced Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and cybersecurity professional with a career spanning over three decades. Throughout his journey, he has focused on enhancing the cybersecurity posture of large organizations, developing effective cyber security strategies and leading a dedicated Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT).
Mr. FARA's introduction to the world of cybersecurity began following his graduation from the Naval Academy of Livorno, where he specialized in Computer Science. His early experiences involved securing critical systems, initially aboard a warship and later as the Communications Information Systems (CIS) Officer of a Marines Brigade, where he served with distinction for an extended period.

He furthered his education in the United States, where he achieved the prestigious title of CIS Officer at the United States Marine Corps University in Quantico, Virginia. This academic achievement enriched his practical and theoretical knowledge, enabling him to address cybersecurity challenges comprehensively in both maritime and terrestrial environments. His expertise continued to evolve during deployments in regions as diverse as the Balkans, Africa, and the Middle East.

Mr. FARA's career included notable roles, such as serving as a CIS Action Officer at the European Union External Action Service in Brussels, specializing in the EU Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP). Subsequently, he returned to the Navy General Staff, where he led the Cyber Defence Section and spearheaded the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) operations.

Currently based in Aix-en-Provence, France, Mr. FARA serves as a CIS Officer for a NATO Agency. Beyond his governmental responsibilities, he shares his extensive knowledge as a contract professor of cybersecurity in the Master of Science in Cybersecurity and Data Science program at the Bilingual Graduate School of Engineering (ESAIP).

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