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EMBA Conference - Inclusivity, a source of value for companies?

Online From 18:00 to 19:00

The KEDGE Global MBA is pleased to invite you to an online EMBA conference on the topic: "Inclusivity, a source of value for companies?". With the testimony of FNAC-DARTY company, leading European omni-channel retailer in household appliances, electronics and entertainment products.


Inclusivity has definitely been on the top of the screens for the last months or so. Defined as “the practice or policy of providing equal access to opportunities and resources for people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized”, most leaders would probably assert they value diversity in their organizations as inclusivity has become a must.

The reasons behind may be strategic, linked to developing their customer base, or because this is the right thing to do, or in anticipation of new regulations. However gaps may rapidly appear between the speech and action. Our expert will explore with you what stand behind the concept and ways of “in house” implementation. 


6:00 pm : Welcoming speech
6:05 pm : Topic introduction by A. Jaegler and Exchanges between our experts
6:45 pm : Q&A


  • Anicia JAEGLER : Full professor at KEDGE Business school - Associate dean for Inclusivity - Head of Operations Management and IS Department
  • Emmanuelle DESOMBRE : HR Director Fnac CODIREP - Fnac Darty
  • Emmanuelle MAURICE : Head of Diversity and life quality at Fnac Darty
  • Katell BERGOT : Products Second Life Director at Fnac Darty

Event upon registration

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