EMBA Conference: "Senior programmed obsolescence? Debunking the myths"




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The KEDGE Global MBA team is pleased to offer you a conference about senior programmed obsolescence given by Dr. Vanessa Marcie. The conference will be held online via Teams.

EMBA Conference: "Senior programmed obsolescence? Debunking the myths"

April 25, 2024 at 6:15 PM (Paris time)

The conference will be held online via Teams.


In the job market, perceptions are shifting - what once was considered prime age is now seen differently. This presentation challenges the pervasive but false narrative that productivity and adaptability inevitably decline with age, a misconception that limits opportunities for senior leaders. It's not merely a call to change how we think but a strategic imperative for businesses to harness the varied strengths of a workforce that spans generations.

The topics covered include:
  • Counteract prevalent myths about the productivity and adaptability of senior professionals.
  • Reveal the competitive advantage of drawing on the wide-ranging experiences of an intergenerational workforce.
  • Formulate strategies to counteract the notion of planned obsolescence for senior leaders.
  • Inspire future leaders to cultivate an inclusive culture that values contributions from individuals of all ages.
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Insights will be brought by Dr Vanessa Marci

Dr. Vanessa Marcie is the founder & CEO of Leading With Humour, an innovative change management consultancy firm.

She is a pioneer in change management through humour, a contributor to Harvard Business Review France and a guest lecturer for prestigious business schools such as HEC Paris and Cambridge Judge Business School.

She is a former VP Business Development for London & Partners, The international trade, investment and promotion agency for London.

Her clients include: Unilever, Linkedin, Inmarsat, UK Department for International Trade, BPI France, etc. She has been featured on Harvard Business Review, Financial Times, La Tribune, ELLE Magazine and more.

Her main keynotes are about:

  1. Leadership
  2. Innovation
  3. Resilience
  4. Diversity
  5. Crisis

She also gives keynotes to non-profits and lectures for top business schools  and universities. 

All of her keynotes are based on scientific research, her 20 years+ business experience and her stage experience as a stand-up comedian. 

Outside of her business, Vanessa partners with non-profits promoting inclusion and diversity.