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The KEDGE Global MBA Team is pleased to invite you to participate in a half-day course held as part of the programme, led in English by Professor Stéphane Ouvrard.

Who is the Executive MBA Master Classes for?

Dedicaded for prospective candidates, the Executive MBA Master Classes allow participation in a half-day course alongside current programme participants. They represent a unique opportunity to learn more about the program through an immersive and compelling experience that demonstrates: the quality of teaching, the relevance of content, professional impact, and networking opportunities offered.

About the Executive MBA Master Class

On the agenda for the "Triple Capital Accounting" course by Professor Stéphane Ouvrard

  • Part 1 - Financial & Management Accounting: The course provides a balanced and comprehensive framework to enable you to acquire basic knowledge and skills to appraise current practice critically. To this end, it gives the "keys" to explain the nature of items within published financial statements. Different tools based on the management accounting system are investigated: dashboards, cash budget, etc... We explain the notion of cost and its relativity. Students will have to use their Excel spreadsheet for financial modelling purpose. They will get acquainted with financial forecasting when drawing up a Business Plan. This course grats a large part to illustrations and examples. 
  • Part 2 - ESG Reporting:  The course begins with the need for convergence between CSR and finance in order to ensure the sustainability of the company (its survival). It then investigates the notion of value creation under a broad conception of governance in view of the climate emergency and current societal challenges. We address legal developments in terms of corporate design (Loi Pacte in France, Bcorp status in the IS, etc... ) and ESG disclosure requirements (EU Taxonomy, CSRD, etc...).
    Finally, we conclude the course with the need to adopt socio-environmental accounting given the societal challenges and the limitations of the current accounting model. The reasons for this choice are also presented (regulatory and fiscal pressure, financial incentives in the context of bank financing or investment funds, etc...)
You have the option to choose between two half-day sessions:
  • Either on Thursday, May 16, 2024, from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm
  • Or on Friday, May 17, 2024, from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Once your registration is completed, our Admissions Manager, Emilie Delfosse, will contact you to determine the chosen time slot.



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About our speaker


Pr. Stéphane Ouvrard

Professor Ouvrard is a consultant and trainer in financial accounting and corporate finance. Holding a degree of Chartered Accountancy, a PHD in Management Science and graduated from ESC Bordeaux, he is a co-author of several books on Accounting and Finance. After a professional experience of 15 years in Accounting and Audit, he has specialized in professional training and teaching as a professor of Accounting & Finance at KEDGE Business School

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