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WORKSHOP : Personal Branding & Storytelling

Marseille Event completed

KEDGE is pleased to invite you to a face to face workshop given by Katia Blanc, about: "Personal Branding & Storytelling".


Personal Branding : Identify your beliefs, find your DNA, clarify your goals, to work on your personal brand, embody it, define your positioning and communication strategy . Do you really know what Personal Branding is?

For some, it means the reputation of a person on social networks, for others it is «marketing» to show oneself in its best light. Actually, it is more than that.

Personal branding is a process that requires authenticity and sincerity: working on your personal brand is first of all about questioning or re-questioning who you are, what your talents are, what your uniqueness is, so as your DNA. It starts with an “introspection” step. This is the key prerequisite to establish your positioning, define your communication strategy and implement it in your real AND digital life. We are all concerned and have an interest in working our personal brand, becoming aware of our talents, knowing how to talk about ourself, enhancing our visibility to stand out and get noticed.

With social networks and their explosion, this is all the most important: how to set ourselves apart from the crowd, how to make a difference by using these new media, places of visibility and influence, recruitment, business, information?

Personal Branding will allow you to:

  • Position yourself in your environment, talk about yourself & get people to talk about you
  • Reveal your personality, your added value and what makes you stand out
  • Cultivate your brand, with meaning and authenticity,
  • Implement your global, public and digital communication strategy!
  • Take control of your outreach and e-outreach.


Katia Blanc is an executive coach, trainer and advisor. She is also an expert in personal branding and social branding. Katia has more than 25 years of experience in HR, marketing & communication and management. Katia Blanc started her career in a Parisian consulting firm, and then became an HR consultant in an international head-hunting firm (Hudson Global Resources).

She has joined the KEDGE Business School team for five years as Head of Recruitment Relations and coach in the career centre. She spent eight years on the management committee of a regional group in the environmental field as Director of Development and External Relations. A woman of communication and commitment, today an entrepreneur, she is an associate member of the Marseille Provence Chamber of Commerce and Industry where she is involved in Business and Innovation missions, as well as gender equality issues and women entrepreneurship. She is also on the Board of Directors of the IRCE (regional institute for the creation and development of businesses).

Promoting individuals and companies, promoting the region... Katia has made a strong commitment, notably by sitting on several boards of directors of local economic entities and centres of activity where she lobbies to develop corporate good practices in economic development, CSR and professional equality.

She also co-founded the FARES (Femmes Actives Responsables et Solidaires - Working Women's Responsibility and Solidarity) network in 2009, of which she has been a vice-president for 3 years. She still strives today to promote equality between individuals, for the benefit of both women and men.

Jazz & Soul singer, she has shared her passion with her musicians and her band, Blue Alert, for the last 11 years. Katia Blanc holds a Master's degree in Management, majoring in Marketing, from KEDGE Business School. She is also certified as a professional coach (Coach & Team).


Event address

KEDGE Marseille campus in La Joliette - 7 Bd de Dunkerque, 13002 Marseille

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