Global DBA

An International Doctorate in Business Administration for Executives

Admission level

From Master's degree + 5 years of professional work experience




Doctorate in Business AdministrationM.Sc. in Management Research


Part Time


January 2023



DBA Dissertations

Intake 2016

  1. Dr. Hee Ok KANG: The effect of Leader-Member Exchange on Turnover Intention: A Comparison between Office Workers and Field Workers
  2. Dr. Seok Kyun KWON: The effect of Top Management Team functional background diversity on strategic agility: The moderating role of structural interdependence
  3. Dr. llgi KIM: Change in Cultural intelligence (CQ)- the case of Japanese expatriats
  4. Dr. Cheng CAO: The Divers to Brand Resonance in a Digitalized Chinese Marketing Environment (available for download)
  5. Dr. Lay Ping Angela ANG: Defining and Managing Difficult Service Encounters in the Service Industry: The case of the Corporate Bank (available for download)
  6. Dr. Meng LIU: Changing Organizational Culture to Gain Sustainable Competitive Advantage: The Case Study of Privatized Water Companies in China
  7. Dr. Zhenxi HAN: The definition of the Direct Selling Industry in China and the Optimal Price and Service Strategy
  8. Dr. Sheng CHEN: Generation Y, Psychological Entitlement and Task Performance: The Moderating Effects of Permissive Parenting and Directive-Achieving Leadership
  9. Dr. Hualong ZHOU:  Research on Innovation of Internet+Finance+Industy Business Model in China: A Case Study of based on the Bodhi Values and Methodology
  10. Dr. Young Ha LEE: How has a latecomer Revitalized and Dominated the Mature Market? The case of Company L and US Refrigerator Market
  11. Dr. Hong SHENG: Research on the Equity Incentive for Chinese Enterprise Overseas Mergers and Acquisitions Performance
  12. Dr. Weon Jung SHIN: The Influence of Corporate Governance on Firm Performance-The case for Korean SOEs
  13. Dr. Choong Ho SHIN: Family Succession in Successful Korean Chaebols: Comparative Case Study Based on a Six-Factor Model
  14. Dr. Julien MORANGE: The Impact of Umbrella Branding on Consumer Behavior: Does Category Expertise Matter? An Application to the Wine Industry in Two Countries (available for download)

Intake 2017

  1. Dr Ajit Ashok ARAS: User Generated Contents in a B2B Context: The Challenges involved & a Leverage Framework. 
  2. Dr Yung Chang CHEN: Which factor dominates venture capitalists’ evaluation of start-up companies in Chinese market
  3. Dr Jeong-Lim Jane KO: Research on the Major Factors and Values in Planning of Sustainable Housing Complex for Active-Senior 
  4. Dr Ryul LEE: Catch-up Innovation with Boundary-Spanning Exploration: The Case Study from JAC Coupling Co. Ltd. in Wind Power Industry 
  5. Dr Chung Heon OH: A solution for reducing channel conflicts: Seaherb co. ltd. case study
  6. Dr JiYoung PARK: Customer lifetime value management and new product adoption: A case of medical devices in Korea
  7. Dr Tae Won PARK: Switching from B2C to B2B; A Case Study of Doosan’s Massive Business Portfolio Transformation by Domestic and Cross-border M&As 
  8. Dr XiaoChi YAO: The Valuation Methods of Chinese Startups: Lessons from Meituan-Dianping
  9. Dr ChunFu YU: The Effect of Paradoxical Leadership and Leader Proactivity on Employee Innovative Work Behavior for Start-up Companies 
  10. Dr JieQiong YU: Fixed or Fluid -The Impact of Agreement Mindset on Sino-foreign Business Negotiations