KEDGE International MBA - Full time

A programme dedicated to EXECUTIVES with MORE THAN 3 YEARS of professional experience

Admission level

From Bachelor's degree + 3 years of professional experience




MBADiploma recognised by the French Ministry of Higher Education


Full Time





International MBA: lead the change

In the commercial and dynamic realm of modern careers, an International full-time MBA has become a strategic imperative and an asset to unlock doors, accelerate progress, and position you at the forefront of the business revolution. Put simply, your competitive edge in a world where collaborative and responsible management is crucial.
This is the spirit that has led to the creation of this programme.
In the fast-paced and ever-evolving landscape of today's business world, KEDGE International full-time Master’s in Business Administration goes beyond the academic pursuit:  it is the turbocharger for a young professional's career. Think of this MBA as the “express route” to boost your career. It condenses years of practical business knowledge and experience into an innovative, challenging and inspiring programme, deconstructing preconceived ideas about management.

Let us drive you to LEAD THE CHANGE

  • Programme overview

Stéphane OUVRARD

Head of Global Executive and International MBAs

A sustainable and strategic vision with the KEDGE International MBA

There is no need to illustrate that the world is changing at an unprecedented pace, driving technological and digitalisation challenges, environmental constraints, and opportunities that the upcoming leading generation must be prepared to seize. Adaptation skills, critical thinking, and resilient behaviours, in addition to professional and leadership competencies, are highly valued by companies and organisations. This is the direction we would like to guide you.

This International MBA programme is suitable for individuals who already possess 3 years of professional experience, aspire to accelerate their career and leadership journey, and are drawn to the vision and values of KEDGE, which prioritise open-mindedness and engagement. Our aim is to train individuals who will have a positive impact on their environment and society.

This full-time International MBA is a carefully balanced blend of rigorous academic seminars, soft skills development, comprehensive career development, and international exposure. Throughout the programme, you'll engage with the latest trends in business through a hands-on 'learning by doing' approach, combining group work, business games, an applied research thesis, and a unique KEDGE special feature: an immersive seminar.

Digital and environmental concerns remain common threads running through your programme, including the applied research project.

Our programme moto is LEAD THE CHANGE but no doubt that YOU will be changed by the end of your journey, for the better in your career.  

Welcome to your “New you”.


Programme's Labels : Bienvenue en France AMBA AACSB EQUIS

Why choose KEDGE International MBA?

Explore leadership development and personal growth in a dynamic landscape. Enhance your ability to connect, motivate, and inspire others towards shared objectives with 60 hours of soft skills training. Prepare to lead confidently and resiliently in an ever-changing world.

Dive into the realm of sustainability and environmental responsibility. Examine the pressing challenges facing businesses and organisations in an era of ecological transition. Equip yourself with the tools and knowledge to drive sustainable practices and make a positive impact on the planet.

Embark on a journey through the digital frontier and discover the transformative power of technology. Explore the latest trends and innovations reshaping industries worldwide. Prepare to harness the potential of digitalisation to drive organisational success and innovation.

KEDGE has partnered with companies to help your job research in France or internationally.

Join carefully selected intakes reflecting cultural & background diversity, to open your mind, enrich your exchanges and your network.

Explore all the facets of an international experience around Europe & France through a study trip, an immersive seminar, the discovery of the French language and way of life, while honing your English skills, within the welcoming and multicultural environment of our campus.

Emphasising ‘Learning by doing’ and ‘experiential pedagogy’, our programme thrives on innovative experiences and immersive seminars. You are not just acquiring theorical knowledge, you are actively putting them into practice.

You will profit from the cross-fertilisation between our MBA programmes and participants, expanding your networking opportunities globally and enabling you to share in-person or online, conferences, social events, etc.

You will benefit from a co-diploma with the Diplôme d'Etudes Avancées en Management Durable (DEAMD), accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research. 

What are the programme's key benefits for you?

You will find out that this programme is not just about getting a job, but about helping you master the commercial game, influencing your environment, making enlightened decisions, and driving your success, where collective intelligence is needed to meet today's social challenges.

It is not just about what you know; it is also about who you know. KEDGE International MBA is a powerhouse for networking. Surrounded by ambitious, like-minded individuals and connected to influential alumni, you are plugged into a network that can open doors to opportunities you did not even know existed.

In the crucible of an MBA programme, leadership skills are forged through practical application rather than mere theoretical learning. Embrace a cross-functional and collaborative management approach over traditional top-down approach. Whether leading a team in simulated business environments or collaborating on a high-stakes project, you will hone the leadership abilities essential for driving global, sustainable performance by engaging and motivating employees effectively.

The business world is no longer confined by borders. KEDGE International MBA and its global perspective ensures that you are not just market-savvy but also culturally astute. Understanding international business practices makes you an asset in a world where opportunities and challenges are increasingly global.

The KEDGE International MBA serves as your gateway to becoming a highly sought-after asset in the job market. Employers deeply appreciate MBA graduates equipped with a unique blend of theoretical expertise and hands-on experience. More than just a credential, it symbolises a mix of competence and ambition, speaking the language of success.

Commercial dynamism demands innovation. KEDGE International MBA fosters a culture of creative thinking, problem-solving, and entrepreneurial spirit. More than fitting into the existing business landscape, it aims at shaping it and driving innovation from within, to boost organisational performance.

In the competitive arena of commerce, credibility is currency. Choosing an MBA from a reputable institution such as KEDGE (triple-accredited school, consistently ranked in the first tier of worlds rankings), is a testament of excellence.  More than just obtaining a qualification, it signifies a personal investment resulting in a distinguished skill set that sets you apart from the crowd.

Join our International MBA in Paris, France

Through its MBA, KEDGE Business School aims to enable managers to acquire the skills, cultural sensitivity and strategic vision that are essential to meet all the challenges of today's global economy. The campus is located at the heart of an international business district which fosters the development of the resources for professionals in their career plans.

While Paris is renowned globally for its prestigious fashion and culinary institutions, it also serves as a key European economic hub housing various  internationally acclaimed business and management institutions, exemplified by the presence of esteemed institutions such as KEDGE Business School.

Paris offers a large ecosystem of companies. This network around KEDGE Business School plays a crucial role in facilitating MBA candidates' exchanges with companies and fostering increased interaction among peers, particularly during seminars or conferences. 

Boasting a cosmopolitan atmosphere with a 12% foreign population, Paris is a melting pot of diverse cultures. Opting for an MBA in this dynamic city offers candidates the opportunity to immerse themselves in various perspectives, fostering a more open and globally aware mindset. Recognised as one of the top 10 student cities worldwide, Paris owes its acclaim to the rich diversity of its student community and the high academic standards of its institutions.

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