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Delivered in Paris and in distancial learning from february 2021, KEDGE part-time Advanced Executive Master Programme in International Purchasing Management (MS® MAI) has been designed with a blended learning approach and is compatible with executive participants’ busy workloads, and their personal and social environments and commitments.

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Homme professionnel, portant des lunettes et une chemise blanche en situation de travail

Romaric Servajean-Hilst, Academic Director of the Executive Programmes in International Purchasing Management, presents KEDGE part-time Advanced Executive Master Programme in International Purchasing Management (MS® MAI).


campus of Paris


Academic Director of the part-time Advanced Executive MAI Programmes in International Purchasing Management (French & English format) & Associate Professor

Why this Advanced Executive Master Programme in International Purchasing Management?

Purchasing used to focus on cost killing. This is no longer the case. Today purchasing is not only about optimising cost, quality and delay, it is also about developing a strategic vision of the firm, a vision focused on external partners: suppliers, start-ups... As a pivotal function between external and internal activities, Purchasing is in charge of the outsourcing choices of company resources. It is also at the heart of globalisation and innovation.

In a complex and turbulent world, being able to capture innovation and sustainable performance involves moving from a transactional logic to a relationship logic.

This change requires a totally different breed of purchasing professionals whose hard and soft skills play key and interconnected roles.

Our KEDGE part-time Advanced Executive Master programme in International Puchasing Management (MAI) enables executives to position themselves in managerial and executive positions to steer and drive the company’s development. 

With this programme, Purchasing Managers will perform from the development of innovation with suppliers to the optimisation of the total cost of ownership of external resources, service or product.

Key points

The diploma is acclaimed by expert in purchasing

KEDGE MAI programmes have been offering world-class training in international purchasing management and innovation for more than 40 years.

MAI graduate and executive programmes are recognised by multinationals as being at the leading edge of operational purchasing and strategic management.

A part-time programme dedicated to Executives

It is adapted to be compatible with executive participants’ busy workloads and their personal and social environments and commitments.

State-of-the art case studies on innovative and responsible purchasing

6 residential modules spread over 12 months

100% delivered in English

A Blended Learning approach (40%)

29 days training on campus in Paris

Objectives this programme for international buyers

Internally, they have to identify and control the company's internal resources

  • Be involved in new product development from the design stage onwards (new materials, substitutions, etc.)
  • Take on board all requirements and specificities related to the product in the purchasing process requirements
  • Know the markets and the trends at play in distributing and consuming the finished product
  • Be familiar with the internal stakeholders and clients of the company in order to understand their needs
  • Identify key assets and meet the requirements of the marketing department
  • Understand all performance drivers related to quality, price, service, delivery and innovation
  • Encourage the use of innovative purchasing approaches and techniques.

Externally, they need to have a thorough understanding of the global economic context and its environment

  • Identify and detect suppliers with innovation potential
  • Involve key strategic suppliers in the product development process
  • Explore new geographic purchasing sources
  • Meet with suppliers who could participate in the development of new products
  • Strengthen and improve suppliers’ relationships and commitment
  • Select, manage and evaluate the suppliers’ portfolio
  • Be up to date with, understand and proficiently use new technologies
  • Deploy best-in-class strategies, techniques and tools for the purchasing function
  • Monitor purchasing competition and best practices
  • Promote new requirements (in terms of quality, price, deadlines and innovation) within their own organisation
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