Max Metadier

Interview with Max Metadier - KEDGE Global Executive MBA Alumni - Currently General Manager - Middle East & Africa at Mercury Marine in Dubaï.


Bénédicte Germon: Max, glad to have you on board for this interview: a first question, what actually drove you towards the KEDGE Executive MBA?

Max Metadier: I joined Brunswick Corporation in 2005 and held various positions before taking the lead of the French and Swiss branches for marine propulsion systems in 2009. After 8 years enjoying this exciting position, doing an Executive MBA programme became quickly obvious. I was looking for new and international challenges and needed to complete and reinforce my leadership skills. After a few weeks spent comparing different Executive MBA’s, KEDGE appeared to be the best option. KEDGE offered a very flexible programme on 3 different campuses and, most important, with a flexible length between 12 and 48 months. Holding a demanding position requests high schedule flexibility, and I took full benefit from this key component of the EMBA programme. KEDGE and its Executive MBA programme also proved their international dimension which was part of my expectations.

As part of a global organization, following an EMBA was perfectly in line with my carrier development plan and fully supported by my management and HR Business Partner, and I got the support of my company to complete the process and start the journey.

B.G: What would you consider being your main takeaways?

M.M: Pursuing an executive MBA is a real transformational journey. It has completely changed the way I approached issues and opportunities, both from private and professional sides. After working for the same company for more than 15 years, I developed skills and expertise but limited to a unique industry. KEDGE executive MBA is about completing this shortage by adding a combination of hard and soft skills needed to move to a leadership position in the hierarchy of an organization. In my case added value where definitely around Leadership across cultures, Business acumen and Critical thinking.

B.G: What have you been up to ever since?

M.M: Right at the end of my Executive MBA with KEDGE my company offered me the opportunity to relocate in Dubaï and take the lead of marine propulsion system activities in Middle East and Africa. Timing was perfect and after a year spent in this new region I can confirm KEDGE executive MBA was the best investment I ever did in my life. I would not have approached business in this part of the world the right way without following the Executive MBA experience.

B.G: What did the overall KEDGE experience bring you and what are the 2-3 key points you keep in mind?

M.M: First, the diversity of student’s and teacher’s profiles is a great added value to the Executive MBA. It was a great experience to work on projects with students and teachers coming from complete different industries and cultures. All students I met and worked with perfectly fitted the spirit of an Executive MBA programme, an key aspect to fully enjoy the experience.

An Executive MBA is a lot about developing hard skills but it is also a lot about developing soft skills and yourself! International seminars proposed by KEDGE are very well organized, supporting the international dimension of the program and a great opportunity to discover different cultures thought different perspectives.

B.G: Some word on your upcoming projects?

M.M: I moved to the position of General Manager Middle East and Africa a year ago. Leading distribution activities in this region is very exciting. All my projects are about enjoying this new life and keeping on discovering new business cultures.

G.B: Max, Many thanks for your testimony and let's keep in touch! We wish you the best.