The AMBA accreditation process : let's discover more !

KEDGE Business School is part of the 1% Business Schools holding the triple accreditation: AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA. The assessment process for each accreditation are very rigorous and the standards pretty high. This is a real investment dedicated to quality from all pretending schools, on the long run. Let's focus on the AMBA accreditation!

What is AMBA Accreditation ? 

AMBA is the Association of MBAs, established in 1967. It is a UK-based body that accredits MBA programmes (as well as DBA’s and Master of Management ones), the only one that focuses specifically on MBA programmes and their level of quality. Only 3% of business schools in the world hold the AMBA accreditation. A difference needs to be made here between schools displaying to be “AMBA members” (not an accreditation) and “AMBA accredited schools”, such as KEDGE Global EMBA (a full rigorous process).

Studies have shown that candidates looking for an Executive MBA mainly and rightly consider 2 aspects: Rankings and Accreditations. So do employers for whom the AMBA accreditation is a quality mark when recruiting their business leaders and managers. Companies looking to attract MBA graduates know that AMBA accredited programmes propose the best cutting-edge business insights.

If you are looking to do an Executive MBA, checking that the programme holds the AMBA accreditation is recommended.

AMBA accreditation: which criteria?

AMBA believes that programmes should demonstrate best practice and reflect changing trends and innovation in postgraduate management education.

The criteria thus consider that:

  1. The Institution offering an MBA must be sustainable, financially viable, and committed to quality and continuous improvement. It should possess a distinctive market identity which provides the basis for a high quality and successful MBA portfolio.
  2. The Institution must be able to provide the MBA portfolio with sufficient and balanced expertise in teaching, research and consultancy that guides the MBA learning experience in a cohesive and integrated way.
  3. The MBA programme must be supported and periodically reviewed in a systematic way, with sufficient academic oversight and operational support.
  4. The MBA should be designed to represent best practice in management education, taking into account market trends and practices.
  5. The MBA is designed to be a postgraduate, post-experience qualification for high potential leaders; the admissions process must be rigorous in ensuring that an appropriate, sustainable and diverse cohort is recruited and maintained.
  6. The MBA should have clearly articulated learning outcomes which can be measured and mapped through to course learning outcomes and assessment. Outcomes should broadly reflect AMBA MBA attributes and be aligned to the mission of the Institution.
  7. The MBA curriculum should be comprehensive and integrative, and clearly delivered at the Masters level.
  8. The MBA assessment strategy must be robust, varied and to standards that are consistently applied at the Masters level.
  9. In order to develop sufficient generalist management knowledge, skills and values, the MBA programme requires substantial interaction between faculty and the cohort group, in addition to providing appropriate space for private study and reflection.
  10. Graduates should be able to demonstrate career enhancement as a result of their MBA and should be supported in their continual development by the Institution.

In consequence, being AMBA accredited implies that the programme has been assessed in detail in terms of quality and standards of faculty, full curriculum and student experience. It ensures that students are learning the most relevant material to their field of study, preparing them to be efficient leaders upon graduation.

KEDGE Business School obtained years ago the AMBA accreditation on its Global Executive MBA (EMBA) and Blended MBA programmes. The accreditation is awarded for a maximum of 5 years, then the programme is being re-assessed.

KEDGE Business School Executive MBA is currently working on its 4th re-assessment, that will take place in June 2022.  The entire MBA team will be, together with some alumni and current participants, invited to join the audit. Following the AMBA accreditation process supports our KEDGE MBA’s willingness to always improve what we offer. International accreditations are a guarantee of reliability for participants and employers in the existing offer, and delivering quality is a commitment at all times.