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Contributions & Publications


Publications from the centre’s researchers cover many themes from applied management sciences to the Food, Wine, Spirits, Catering, Hospitality and Tourism sectors 

Academic contributions



Masset, P., Maurer, F., "Mitigating downside risk of portfolio diversification: Wine versus other tangible assets", Economic Modelling, 2021-09, vol. 102

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Kedge Insights  

Trust during retail encounters : A touchy proposition, Tatiana Bouzdine-Chameeva

Does organic wine taste better?, Olivier Gergaud

Case Lab

CCMP Case Studies

Pismont S., Jaegler. A. (2019) “Comment rendre durable et pérenne la supply chain d’une matière première endémique ? Le cas du cacao” 

Bouzdine-Chameeva T., Tesson P., Jaegler A. (2018) “At the forefront of Wine and Spirits: Digital technologies at DARTESS bring new solutions” 

Bouzdine-Chameeva T., Ponsignon F., Durrieu F. (2018) “La Cité du Vin »: assessing and improving customer experience design in wine tourism sector” 

Jaegler A. (2017) “How to evaluate the carbon footprint of a wine supply chain” 

Monloubou A., Jaegler A., Roques T. (2017) “Supercoop ou comment répondre aux enjeux d’une supply chain alimentaire en circuits courts ?” 

Mora P. (2010) “Mouton-Cadet” 

Mora P. (2013) “SOMONTANO” 

Mora P. (2013) “ENERCOOP” 

Mora P. (2012) “Château Guiraud : A Premier Grand Cru Wine” 

Mora P. (2010) “Mouton-Cadet” 

ECCH Case Studies

Livat F. (2008) "Belle-Itine", ECCH n°309-093-1 

Books and chapters 

Books and chapters 

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