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Interview with Hasnaa BENABBOU, KEDGE Global Executive MBA Alumni

Interview with Hasnaa BENABBOU (EMBA - Intake 2018) - Project Innovation Manager Water & Waste - SUEZ Group.

B. Germon : Hello Hasnaa, can you tell us more about yourself and your background? 

HB: My name is Hasnaa BENABBOU and I’m 36 years old. I was born and raised in Casablanca. After completing my engineering school in 2008, I left for France to complete an MSc in transport and sustainable development. I was in an international class at ParisTech. We were 7 different nationalities studying and living in the same university residence. After this experience I wanted to work in an international company. I worked 6 years for Renault as an energy and environment specialist, with an international scope, also in charge of reporting of extra financial data.  
I have been working at SUEZ Water France in La Défense since 2016, and until September 2021 I coordinated a network of contract energy administrators across the French territory. The network consisted in 12 people (among which 6 beginners in energy), that I challenged with annual performance targets. I oversee the operational follow-up of an energy portfolio which weighs 120 million euros a year, with 5 national suppliers and more than 20 local suppliers, for a volume of 17000 contracts. My position was quite rewarding and allowed me to be the permanent link between the suppliers and operational grounds. 
BG: What brought you to KEDGE EMBA?

HB: In 2018, even though I loved my job, I felt that I was at a crossroads in my career. I could continue developing my technical expertise and stay in my comfort zone or I could venture outside of it and choose to start an MBA to expand my field of competencies and work on myself. I’m a very curious person and I need to keep on learning and find sense at work, it’s my main motivation.
KEDGE’s EMBA had all the ingredients I was looking for: hard skills kernel, individualized coaching program and flexibility. 

BG: What have you been up to since you ended the programme ?

HB: Since I have ended the programme last March, I moved to a new position in my company since September. I am a project innovation manager, driving innovation projects in terms of needs, resources and financing (no team management). The position will allow me to put into practice my EMBA learnings (design thinking, strategic innovation, marketing…) but also nurture my curious nature.  Every project is a new challenge. 
BG: How did the EMBA help you with your career ?

HB: It helped me grow, explore in a safe space, and meet amazing people I wouldn’t have had the chance to work with otherwise. It expanded my horizon and helped me see my career differently. I’m not thinking anymore in terms of what type of job will fit my profile, but what I want to do in the next few years and how I can achieve that goal.   
BG: What is your main takeaway from KEDGE EMBA ?

HB: Preparation and drilling are key to succeed. You’ll need to be ready for anything, the EMBA is not a magic wand but a set of tools you can activate to achieve your goals. The most precious tool that you can use is yourself, and you must work hard on yourself if you want to make a difference. 

BG: What is your best memory from KEDGE EMBA ?

HB: It’s a very tough question because I have a lot of fond memories. My best memory will be more of a feeling. There’s a strong sense of belonging among us because we’ve been through the same doubts and struggles during the program and we always knew that we had each other’s back. 

Thank you Hasnaa, we wish you the best in your new position!

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