Guylaine Masini

Communications Editor, Consultant
EMBA – Class of 2018


What issues motivated you to undertake an Executive MBA?

First of all to find inspirations outside of my current job… to find a way out as well as reach for other opportunities… to see beyond my core field.

How did you know you were “ready” to begin an Executive MBA?

I decided to quit my company. I wanted to give myself the chance to do my MBA on my own. I thought this EMBA would give a sense to this new professional journey (out of the job I was doing for the last 15 years).

In what ways did the Kedge Global MBA respond to your particular needs?

One day, I attended a presentation at the Joliette Campus in Marseilles, and I had a very good feeling with the team and the other candidates (3 of 4 are attending the EMBA today!). Kedge was in my city and I found everything "simple"…

What advantages will having an Executive MBA offer your career?

It’s a work in progress... too soon to respond fully. But so far my EMBA gives me the courage and the motivation to consider a new career!

How has the MBA experience transformed you as a leader?

Again, it’s a work in progress… the transformation has just begun (and there is a lot of work still to do!)

How has your new MBA network benefitted you so far?

Networking has been one of my weaknesses (I have not yet experienced the strength of it so far, but I feel confident that I can count on my MBA colleagues).

What challenges did you encounter while doing the MBA and how did you address them?

The biggest one is to get over my shyness and my uncomfortableness with speaking English. But it's better every session!

What advice might you offer other women considering undertaking an Executive MBA?

To go for it! To allow their selves to take care of their career, self-improvement, self-empowerment and to dare ask their families (if they have children to take care of) and companies for help their in this project.