Ksenia Vashchillo - Mollett

Interview with Ksenia Vashchillo - Mollett - KEDGE Global Executive MBA Alumni - Currently Senior Program Manager at Amazon -Luxemburg


Benedicte Germon: Hello Ksenia, can you tell us more on how you got into the KEDGE EMBA programme ?
Ksenia Vashchillo - Mollett: I started my Executive MBA journey in spring 2016 being affiliated to Paris campus, but in fact it all started way in advance. I had been searching for an MBA programme for almost five years and the choice was not easy. While all schools, both in Europe and in the USA, were writing all nice and attractive things about themselves and their programmes, it was difficult to narrow down my selection as I did not see enough differentiators between the schools and was not getting enough motivation for the next steps. I stumbled upon KEDGE’s webpage in 2015 and straight away I knew this was the programme I wanted to enroll in.  For multiple reasons, starting from curriculum to the flexibility of the programme and its administrative aspects.  I applied to the programme straight away, and was hoping that my extensive cross-cultural experience from around the world, added to my immense desire to get to this specific school, would compensate my somewhat limited tenure in terms of number of years of experience. On the interview day I was more nervous than at any job interviews, and exceptionally happy to get accepted! 

BG: What did the programme actually bring you?
KVM: At that point in time, I was working at Heineken International in Lagos, Nigeria; I am very grateful to my family and employer for the support they gave me in their understanding, time and flexibility that I needed to accomplish the overseas courses. Working in Supply Chain, it was extremely beneficial to get to know about other parts of the business, learn about other industries and business practices from teachers – in theory and from their industrial experiences, as well as from real-life examples from fellow students. The cultural piece was also very beneficial, even though I have worked in Europe, including France before, at that time my life was surrounded by African culture (with Dutch flavor), so it was very good to break away now and then and re-calibrate by talking to people from all around the world. The flexibility of the programme in terms of timeframes and locations was a crucial factor in my ability to combine it with living in a different continent.

BG: what would be the key points you keep in mind?
KVM: Some of the highlights of my studies are for example the international seminar in China, where Prof. Gutsatz showed us a completely new business culture with advanced digital developments, which I did not think existed.
The Wine and Spirits seminar in Bordeaux, where Prof. Remaud introduced the class to a different world of wines; and the Digitalization major with Prof. Heinze and other extremely knowledgeable academic and industry teachers, which talked about modern developments that all leaders have to be aware of. 
All Kedge courses contributed to broaden my horizons and allowed me to gain a much bigger and complete picture of business to operate in a much more advanced manner. 

The courses were so valuable due to three components: 
-    the programme curriculum, that is constantly updated to stick to current trends; 
-    the high level of expertise and professionalism of lecturers, who create a great atmosphere during the class; 
-    and willingness of course participants to share their useful experiences from a variety of sectors. 
-    KEDGE is also providing one-to-one coaching sessions with professional coaches, which I find extremely beneficial for one’s development and progress. 

Around the middle of my MBA journey, my husband and I have made a personal decision to move to Europe and I got a position with Amazon in Luxemburg. I trust that my KEDGE studies played a crucial role in my success in getting the job and becoming successful at it! With this move, once again, the flexibility of the programme was a great advantage and I was able to move the continents, companies, industries and cultures, and start in a new very demanding environment without a need to drop from the programme thanks to understanding and support from KEDGE management.

B.G. : Ksenia what you are currently up to ?
KVM: Currently I hold a position of Senior Program Manager at Amazon’s Prime Now business, which offers ultra-fast delivery, and I support launches of new operations in 5 European countries: UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. 

Thanks for this exchange Ksenia, we wish you the best !