Lydia Charial Kaplan

Co-founder and events director, TV Media Sport
EMBA – Class of 2018


What issues motivated you to undertake an Executive MBA?

I needed an intellectual challenge. I wanted a change in my career as I felt I was not moving anymore… nor was I learning anything new at work.

How did you know you were “ready” to begin an Executive MBA?

When I read the programmes of the different Executive MBAs, I felt this was for me and exactly what I was looking for…. I just felt it was the right time to invest in myself.

In what ways did the Kedge Global MBA respond to your particular needs?

Kedge Global MBA responded to my needs because it fulfilled all my criteria: the education, the international aspects, the diversity in participant profiles, the Executive coaching and the flexibility of the the learning path.

What advantages will having an Executive MBA offer your career?

It will open new opportunities. Having done an Executive MBA has been very positively recognized within my professional and private entourage.

How has the MBA experience transformed you as a leader?

The MBA experience has really transformed me. I feel that I have gained knowledge… but it is more than this. I feel much stronger and more confident. It has also given me a global view and a deeper understanding of business.

How has your new MBA network benefitted you so far?

The emulation around all the people met during the MBA is very positive. A lot of ideas and innovations are discussed which allow all of us to look towards the future.

What challenges did you encounter while doing the MBA and how did you address them?

I found it difficult to do everything: work, family and MBA. You need to find a balance. I felt overwhelmed with all the work sometimes and it's not easy to find the energy to do everything. It's important to take things one step at a time, set priorities and accept letting go of certain things. I found that doing some sports, even a little bit, is really re-energizing and helped me a lot!

What advice might you offer other women considering undertaking and Executive MBA?

Always trust in yourself… don't lose confidence! You can do it all! It's a marvelous experience!