Tatiana Miron

Key Accounts & Partnership Executive, Food Division, Business France
EMBA - Class of 2018


What issues motivated you to undertake an Executive MBA?

Career growth, personal development, becoming an entrepreneur.

How did you know you were "ready" to begin an Executive MBA?

My professional life required of me to gain additional knowledge in business administration and as my expectations and ambitions are high, I decided the MBA would be a good solution.

In what ways did the Kedge Global MBA respond to your particular needs?

Kedge GMBA courses were satisfactory and the personal development and networking provided excellent tools for my future growth and achieving my goals.

What advantages will having an Executive MBA offer your career?

The MBA is a brand in itself and this is a certificate for life of a certain degree of trust people can put in you.

How has the MBA experience transformed you as a leader?

Every day and every course brought me new lessons and new examples of leadership. I remain myself with my own character and style but I am certainly a much better and confident leader than I was when I started.

How has your new MBA network benefitted you so far?

Absolutely one of the high points of this MBA!...a very positive experience. Especially the international courses and the exchanges and classes across all the 4 campuses.

What challenges did you encounter while doing the MBA and how did you address them?

My biggest challenge is my life/work/study balance. I had to be extremely organized on all levels. That was tough!

What are your key expectations?

The relationship between a business school, companies and its Exec MBA participants in courses and corporate projects is to the benefit of everyone...and essential to a leading business school. It is here that I have my greatest expectations of Kedge.

What advice might you offer other women considering undertaking and Executive MBA?

The MBA experience is a transformation process you will love experiencing.