Business Model Design, taught by Philippe MÉDA

Through this course, we will explore how to design powerful, sustainable business models, whether you are a start-up, a multinational, or a non-profit organization.

Course objectives

After this course you should be able to:

  • Challenge and reframe old business models by understanding current market drivers and how they weaken or strengthen a business architecture;
  • Understand the business architecture of any venture, and specifically what added value is created to specific customers’ segments, how revenues are generated, how the cost structure is dealt with, what the key resources and competencies involved are, etc...;
  • Coordinate various business approaches (strategy, marketing, finance, innovation, HR) to develop, sustain and enhance competitive business models;
  • As entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs, design new added values fitting specific visions and markets, while being also able to set it up as a concrete, real-life activity.

About Philippe MÉDA

Philippe MÉDA is an entrepreneur (founder of Innovation Copilots), keynote speaker, and an international business consultant working with start-up networks and accelerators in Europe and Singapore, and major international companies: Gemalto, SAP, and Pfizer… He trains entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs in fast growing markets business design (web economy, biotech, healthcare, IT, energy…). He is also a consulting professor for several Master programs: IAE, ENSCI, Mines, ENSAM, … Philippe has developed a direct grasp on innovation and enterprise through a diverse major-record: As a Researcher in Biotechnology with the public sector (CEA / INSERM) ; As an Engineer in a private start-up (Immunotech) ; As a BU Director with several pharmaceutical businesses in the Healthcare market ; And also a SME Manager. He holds a PhD in Biochemistry & Cellular Biology from Grenoble University.