KEDGE Business School has achieved AFNOR certification for the quality of its professional training le 20/07/2017

KEDGE Business School has achieved AFNOR certification for the quality of its professional training   - KEDGE
KEDGE has long been committed to a high-quality approach. Having been audited by AFNOR Certification, on 19 June 2017 the school received professional training compliance certification which will last for three years. This will allow Kedge to abide by the law imposed on 1 January requiring that all training bodies be registered in the Datadock database for public or parity funding.

“To date, only 2% of training organisations of the 86,000 operating in France have been labelled or certified, and Kedge now counts among them,” KEDGE Executive Education Director. “This certification serves to confirm the quality of our training and the service we provide to our professional and business clients across our portfolio of continuing education and specialist Master's programmes.”

Jean-Luc Faye, KEDGE Executive Education Director

Certification guarantees KEDGE students:

  • Advanced dynamic teaching from a diverse, renowned professorial body of lecturers and professionals;
  • Programmes which can adapt to rapid changes in the economy and business lines;
  • Programmes recognised by financial bodies OPCA, OPACIF and FONGECIF, which ensure training providers are adequate, and by training influencers including the state, local regions, Pôle emploi and APEC.
  • A training programme to suit their personal circumstances as expectations and needs are analysed before studies begin by a teaching development professional;
  • Tailored support throughout their training by a tutor who monitors their knowledge and skill development;
  • Quick answers to queries for high satisfaction;
  • Compliance with legal requirements for training bodies.

Achieving this professional training certification will strengthen the activities already undertaken by KEDGE and enable it to continuously improve its client training and service offering. The professional certification comes in addition to the international EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA recognition for training leading to a qualification already held.

Find out more about professional training and its legal status

About the professional training law of 5 March 2014

The law allowed all professional training financers to monitor and verify the quality of the training bodies they work with. The decree of 30 June 2015 then listed six criteria to help determine a training provider's ability to offer high-quality training. Since 1 July 2017, training bodies have been obliged to comply with these criteria in order to be approved by financers and benefit from their assistance. A shared OPCA database called Datadock listing all training bodies and centres has been created.

About AFNOR professional training compliance certification

This professional training certification meets the quality requirements described in Article 1 of Decree no.2015-790 of 30 June 2015 regarding the six quality criteria imposed on affected training bodies on 01/07/2017 as part of the 06/03/2014 Professional Training Reform Act. AFNOR certification is valid for three years and is one of 20 labels and/or certifications recognised by the CNEFOP (French National Employment, Training and Career Guidance Council).

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