EMBA Participant Volunteer

Interview with Craig SWANSON


What is your relationship to the Global MBA programme?

I am currently enrolled in the programme and am volunteering to pull together the Paris Exec MBA Business Club. Otherwise, I’m taking a sabbatical from my position at Sotheby’s in San Francisco, CA to pursue my Executive MBA here with Kedge in Paris.

How do you feel about your choice of a programme?

I feel both excited to be part of the programme, but also I am challenged by the courses I’ve experienced. I’ve come to a new understanding and appreciation for the corporate business world which is not where I come from. This is new to me.

"I can improve my life..."

What factor motivates you to give back to the EMBA?

I’ve proposed to volunteer for a few reasons. It’s important to give back. In the past, I’ve been involved with Big brothers for boys without fathers as well as fund and build houses in Guatemala. I believe that these are key elements for being happy in life:  food on your table, a safe home, enjoying friends, and giving back. If, by giving back to Kedge, I can improve my life… this is worthwhile for me… 

Why have you chosen to invest your time in more than just your own programme?

As an outsider… I felt that by offering my time for this key project, it would connect me more on a personal level outside of the classroom to my EMBA colleagues and to France as well.

"... a great resource."

What would you hope to accomplish with this Exec MBA Club?

Ultimately I think it will be a format for current MBA and alumni to interact as well as potentially partner in the future. It will give us all a community that will be a great resource...  whether that be in France or around the world.

What advice can you give to your peers about the importance of involvement in their EMBA?

All of my colleagues are both partners and teachers. They provide the moment to moment feedback, guidance and support. Part of giving is the sharing of yourself with somebody else in the programme… and part of that experience is being able to receive without feeling defensive. This act of giving can make you grow and give you tools that are much more lasting … even beyond the MBA. So, give back to your MBA. It’s the ultimate selfish act.

n beyond the MBA. So, give back to your MBA. It’s the ultimate selfish act.