Business ethics ans social responsability, taught by Virginie VIAL

This course is designed as an introduction to business ethics and social responsibility.

Course objectives

It lays the basis of ethical theories, provides an overview of CSR definitions and challenges, and exposes the link between ethics and CSR. The purpose of the remaining of the course is to put theory into practice through the critical analysis of a case study and the creation of a new business model as a CSR and ethics strategy for a chosen company.

About Virginie VIAL

Virginie Vial-Kilner is Professor in Development Studies, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Social Entrepreneurship at Kedge Business School. Her research focuses on economic growth, firms’ performance, with an emphasis on Developing Countries issues. The themes explored are the effects of microeconomic firms’ performance and macroeconomic growth, firms’ demography, corruption and its effects on growth and productivity, corporate social responsibility, and the relation between social capital, entrepreneurship and economic development. She holds a PhD in Economic History, London School of Economics.