Corporate strategy, taught by Roland Bel

What is strategy?

Course objectives

Stakeholders and corporate social responsibility. The strategic process. Strategy and performance. Environment analysis. Value net. Internal analysis, value chain, resources and capabilities. Sustainable competitive advantage. Business-level strategies. Competition and cooperation. Corporate-level strategies. Strategy and scope. Alliances, mergers and acquisitions. Corporate portfolio management. Strategy implementation and management. Complexity and management of strategic change.

About Roland BEL

Roland Bel is Associate Professor of Strategy and Innovation at Kedge Business School since 2007. He pursued an 20-year international business career, in Europe, the USA and Asia (ESSO, Hewlett-Packard, Schneider Electric, MGE UPS Systems). He occupied management positions mostly in Marketing and Strategy, developing new products & services, implementing innovation strategies, processes and organizations. Lately, he occupied general management positions in the US and in Asia/Pacific. His research focuses in the theory of organizations, international strategy, innovation and performance. Engineer in Computer Science from I.I.E. Paris and graduate from ESSEC BS (Paris), he holds a MBA from University of Chicago and a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Sydney, where he taught courses in Economics and Strategy.