Strategic innovation, taught by Pierpaolo Andriani

Why to innovate and typologies of innovation.

Course objectives

  • Why to innovate and typologies of innovation.
  • Sources and partnerships for innovation.
  • Diffusion of innovation.
  • Strategies of innovation: creating and capturing value.
  • Recent trends:
    • value innovation,
    • user innovation,
    • open innovation,
    • bottom up innovation.
  • Innovation process, models, project management and portfolio management.
  • Entrepreneurship and intra-preneurship, knowledge management, creativity.

About Pierpaolo Andriani

Pierpaolo Andriani is associate professor in Innovation at Kedge Business School. He began his career as project manager in the laser industry and then joined Durham Business School as professor. He is a renowned specialist of innovation, complexity and networks. He holds a PhD from Durham university (UK).