A dedicated program for Executives with more than 8 years of professional experience

  • Join us at our next EMBA events Paris, Marseille and Bordeaux More
  • Join us at our next EMBA events Paris, Marseille and Bordeaux More

Admission level


Bachelor Degree + 5 years of managerial experience

Executive MBA

Global Executive MBA

A 100% English programme, 620 hours of participative courses, workshops, seminars and coaching. Two phases: Foundation & Customisation.

Admission level :
Bachelor Degree + 5 years of managerial experience
Duration :
18 to 48 months
Degree :
Executive MBA
Campus :
Paris Marseille Shanghai
Format :
Part time
Language :


The Global Executive MBA Degree requirements: 


  • 13 core modules (39 days)
  • 1 development programme (18 hours)
  • 1 strategic business project


  • 2 elective modules (6 days)
  • 1 specialisation major (9 to 15 days)
  • 2 international seminars (12 days)

In the Foundation Phase, you will acquire the core business skills that are crucial in carving out a successful international business career (strategy, finance, management, leadership, marketing…). You will also work on your career development, leading a Personal Project and a Business Project.

Strategic Competencies

13 core modules (3 days: Th-Fr-Sa):

Business Acumen 

  • Business Model Design
  • Business Ethics & Social Responsibility
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Strategic Innovation
  • Business Communication


  • Financial & Management Accounting
  • Multinational Finance

Leadership skills

  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Change Management

Global Expertise

  • Geostrategy & Geoeconomics
  • Leadership Across Cultures


  • Research Methodology & Market Research
  • Marketing Management


Career Progression

Development programme

Collective and individual support to achieve your personal aims and attain your full leadership potential. While completing coursework and projects, the Global EMBA Development Programme is on-going and aims to prepare and coach you in the development of your leadership capacities and to implement a personal and professional project throughout your EMBA.

Your Personal Coach: Up to 18 hours of individual confidential coaching sessions with executive coaches provide permanent support and accompaniment, enable you to create the conditions to succeed in your MBA and ensures that the programme serves the development of your career objectives.

Strategic business project

The Strategic Business Project is at the centre of the Global Executive MBA programme and draws on the ensemble of course material delivered over the course of the EMBA, including all Core courses, as well as the Leadership and Personal Development modules, International Business Seminars, Workshops.


In the Customised Phase, you choose your Major (3 in France, 4 in Shanghai and 2 International Majors), your Electives from a broad range of modules and your International Seminars that will help you lead your Strategic Business Project.

Specialisation Majors

Choose one Major

Sports & Entertainement Business Management (June 2020)

  • Get prepared to Senior Positions linked to the Sports & Entertainment industries with an international dimension  (Major companies and international Sports Organizations; Sports people and athletes wishing to reorient their careers; Heads of Partnership/Sponsorship; Business Developers ; Events management; Guests services; Public relations and Communications; Marketing /merchandising; Promotion for Sports brands Consultants, Hospitality; Project Directors; Skilled professions such as “Fan Relationship Manager” or “Sponsorship Activation Manager”.
  • Address and master Sports Business Dynamics, Sports Branding and Marketing, Sports Communications and Celebrity Endorsement, as well as Headhunting challenges.
  • Seminars will be taught by Professors Jean-Philippe Danglade, Lionel Maltese, Franck Pons and experimented industry professionals, and on-site Live cases will be proposed ( PSG Fan zones, Roland Garros, face to face with Headhunters).


Develop your project to transform ideas into a solid intra- or entrepreneurship venture.

Aligning global & supply chain strategy
Identify how competitive advantage can be derived from improving transport operations within the supply chain.

Kedge Global MBA - Driving Ecosystemic Innovation Major
Acquire strategic understanding and tools about managing in ecosystems and networks. Learn how to re-design organisations and use creativity to make them more innovative.    

Global management
Learn best practices of major multinational companies and how they create value through global strategy. Focus on international strategies and alliances, business differentiation via innovation. 

Develop a global, strategic vision for financial investment referring to macroeconomics, politics and geopolitics. Learn about strategic investments, debt and equity portfolios, corporate finance and portfolio management.

Talent management
Answer the following strategic questions: How does talent contribute to corporate strategy and the bottom line? How do I create partnerships for talent initiatives with universities, governments, companies and institutes?

Branding strategy for business development
Gain a holistic understanding of business based on the assumption that branding serves a fundamental strategic function. Acquire innovative marketing tools and core branding strategy concepts, immediately transferable to your projects.

Wine & Spirits management
Wine & spirits companies’ executives need to find solutions, innovate, and review their practices to face changing industry environments. Anticipate what consumers will expect tomorrow and find new ways to satisfy them. 3 seminars : Bordeaux (Fr), Adelaide (Aus), Sonoma (Ca, USA)

Driving Sustainable Change
CSR is used as a lens through which you will learn to think strategically and lead change, develop abilities to lead, innovate, and communicate with stakeholders, gain the ethics perspective of business and understand why and how CSR can improve your business. 4 seminars: Marseille (France), Exeter (England), Bled (Managing Around The World Roundtable, Slovenia) & Portland (Oregon, USA).

Electives & International seminars

Choose 2 electives 

  • Information System Strategy
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Mobilising traditional and digital media for communication
  • Negotiation
  • Project Management
  • Driving Sustainable Change
  • Branding Strategies
  • Brand Community Collaboration

 + 24 other different modules chosen in one of the specialisation majors.

Choose 2 International seminars

The Global Executive MBA has targeted major Business Schools and Institutions to provide participants the opportunity to meet MBA students and professors from the best academic environments and exchange over chosen business topics:

  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • California, USA
  • China
  • Florida, USA
  • India
  • Oregon, USA
  • Russia
  • UAE
  • ...
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