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Sports & Entertainment Business Management

EMBA Certificate


9 days





Campus Paris

Session June 2020

Format : Face-to-face training

Over the last 20 years, KEDGE has developed excellence in Sports Business Management. Its International Sport & Event Management MSc is highly valued by Sports Industry professionals, and many young graduates of this program are now working in the industry. Today, KEDGE has chosen to capitalize on this sector of excellence and build on its success by proposing a “next career step” for Executives: the KEDGE Global EMBA Sports & Entertainment Business Management Major.


Participants will share the best practices linked to the sector and develop business agility by opening and sharing views with other industries executives, from all over the world.


This major is widely opened to candidates interested in getting Senior Positions linked to the Sports industry:

  • Major companies and international Sports Organizations;
  • Sports people and athletes wishing to reorient their careers;
  • Heads of Partnership/Sponsorship; Business Developers ;
  • Events management;
  • Guests services; Public relations and Communications; Marketing /merchandising;
  • Promotion for Sports brands Consultants, Hospitality;
  • Project Directors;
  • Skilled professions such as “Fan Relationship Manager” or “Sponsorship Activation Manager”.


Sports Business Dymamics - 24h

  • Sport Business Ecosystems (3h)
  • Business Models and strategic management (3h)
  • Assets Management (3h)
  • Public Relations and Reputation Management (6h)
  • Sponsorship Activations and Fan Relationship Management (9)

Sports Branding and Marketing - 24h

  • Positioning Fans at the center of the Branding/Marketing Strategy (6h)
  • Venues Issues and Facilities Management: importance in brand delivery (4h)
  • Franchise and Brand Decisions: more than a sports team, a set of strategic decisions (6h)
  • Headhunting challenges (8h)

Sports Communications and Celebrity Endorsement - 24h

  • Branding celebrities (12h)
  • Celebrity endorsement (12h)

Methode and pedagogy

A mix of conceptual contents with real case examples will be the basis of the content of the Major. Participants will have a unique opportunity to work on live case studies, as well as confronting their competences and profile with recruiters:

  • One live case related to the emotional brands management and stadium fan experience (PSG fan relationship management will be used as an example), also relevant for any other fan relationship management strategy – On-site sessions
  • One live case on the Strategic development of a Tennis Tournament and stadium (Roland Garros example) – On-site sessions.
  • Face to face workshops with Headhunters specialized in Sports management.

Evaluation and penalization

Seminars will be delivered by Professors Jean-Philippe Danglade, Frank Pons, Lionel Maltese and other senior lecturers and professionals

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